Zhuzhou Viaduct Collapse Tragedy Deposit Doubt Who Is Responsible? – Zhuzhou Viaduct Collapsed,


Zhuzhou Viaduct Collapse Tragedy Deposit Doubt Who Is Responsible? – Zhuzhou Viaduct Collapsed,
May 17 afternoon, Red Road, Zhuzhou city viaduct place Collapse Accident , To May 18 has confirmed nine people were killed and 16 injured, including a Bus Including 22 car was pressed. Downtown viaduct collapsed, suffered heavy casualties. On many of the key nodes in the accident, the report is off the point. But I think the bridge collapse a total Buzhi Yu is “natural disasters” as well. Since it is man-made, how things happen, how to deal with, there is need for further questioning.

First, Zhuzhou red Viaduct is not “rubbish”? Related reports only a few days ago, said the bridge had been pre-burst, then in the end is pre-explosion damage caused by collapse, or the quality of their own problems? According to information provided to local users, the basic rule of “shabby” and could, media were not mentioned flag causes the quality of the viaduct. It is said that red flags Way Viaduct is a viaduct in Hunan Province’s first city, put into use in 1995 after 14 years with no problems.

Second, if it is not rubbish, this viaduct was sentenced to death why? General civil life should be about 50 years, good quality project should be around in 70 years, according to the number of years, Zhuzhou of this viaduct still flush of adolescence, how was sentenced to death on it?

Have reported that removal of the viaduct red flag because it likely to cause traffic congestion. But according to common sense, the construction of the viaduct is to divert road traffic vehicles, reducing congestion and clogging. Zhuzhou’s friends said, “For the removal of this bridge, people have different opinions, that this bridge should not split (elevated two-way four-lane, two-way four-lane surface), but public opinion can not, no place to express. In fact, red flag Road as long as people management, fully able to take the route of the traffic needs. “if so, to dismantle the bridge where the scientific basis? If this should not be demolished, was crushed to death of people really are a big and innocent?

Third, who is responsible for the tragedy in this play? Direct responsibility, indirect responsibility for how to divide? After the collapse of Hunan Provincial Party Secretary Zhang Chunxian requirements “thorough investigation into the cause of the accident, public information, not hide.” Viaduct is a man-made tragedy, because it has been a blast, even if not a dangerous bridge, it should also be vigilant. However, after the pre-explosion, that there is no warning and limit lines, and no safety isolation, still “busy.” Now the bridge collapse and death of people, whether blasting party liability? Identification of whether the responsibility of experts? Ignore the hidden officials had nothing to do with whether or responsibility? Required by law to all relevant personnel accountable, to the families of those killed and wounded for a minimum of comfort.

Viaduct collapse tragedy of the case is behind a lot of things worthy of reflection, but the local government must first be faced with these three issues, given the real answer.

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