Worst Jobs Ever – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 8/19/2014


Adam, Will, and Norm discuss their worst jobs ever, in part one of our epic three-part jobs trilogy.
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Steve Jobs introduces the revolutionary iPad and ,just like that, changes the landscape of the computer industry and consumer electronic for years to come. H…
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  1. My current job began as my worst job ever. I started my job as a
    telemarketer. And we all know have freakin annoying it is when one of them
    call you. But one month later, I had scraped myself through it, done a
    terrible job, and they ask me “do really want to continue”. Stubborn as I
    am and also desperate at the time I simply replied “Yes, I haven’t given up
    yet, not even the slightest.”

    At this point I figured I would be fired, after all I didn’t reach my
    quota, my statistics were pretty bad and my sales pitches still are
    terrible. But no, they made me continue for another week, then they called
    me over and said “The director wants to talk to you”. Well fuck, now I must
    have done something really wrong. They asked the same question “do you
    REALLY want to continue?”. I answered the same thing “I will not give up”
    and they answered “Okay then, this is your new colleague, we read your CV
    and we know you have a lot of technical and IT knowledge and lets face it
    you are doing a terrible job so you get to work in IT instead.” Then next
    day I started working in IT. 2 Months after that I also took over the
    reception desk as well and were given a lot of privileges. 4 months after
    that they asked if me if I wanted to be the manager of IT for one of the
    offices whose IT manager had recently left. So from start to finish within
    7 months I’ve gone from the worst to the best.

    Not saying everyone should just ride out the storm, but in that situation I
    was in at that time, me and my girlfriend simply couldn’t survive to the
    end of the month unless I scraped on by at that job. Now almost a year
    later I know why they didn’t fire me, cause that would mean I could use
    them to get essentially free money for no work, if the employee left of
    their own accord then they didn’t have to pay you anything. Since it didn’t
    matter how much pressure they put on me or how hard they tried to destroy
    me at the time they simply figured, this guy is not going anywhere so we
    might as well try and use that stubborn bastard to do some actual work. And
    that my story leading from telemarketer to IT manager. And I’ll probably be
    a stubborn bastard for a few more years until I figured my shit out and my
    girlfriend have finished university and got herself a job of her own.

    TL:DR? From telemarketer to IT manager in 7 months, it only takes willpower
    and elbow grease.

  2. Sorry chaps but accepting the hydrogen fuel cell is the way to go. No
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    whole energy creation infrastructure created around the production of
    hydrogen with economic benefits for us, and a better place for mother
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  3. Tilman Baumann on

    Adam, you mentioned you wrote a lot about that car.
    Which gave me a crazy idea. Man, you should write a book. I have read a few
    celebrety books, surprisingly I enjoyed the life stories of people I don’t
    really know.

  4. Challenge for Adam Big S. I love you but I challenge you to give me the
    time stamp and 20 mistakes or bold face lies from Fox News. Include backup
    and sited info showing the biased / slanted / wrong information. $1000 to
    your favorite charity if I can’t provide 30 of the same from one of the
    following in the same amount of time. CNN / MSNBC / NBC Nighlty News!

  5. I don’t know about “bad” jobs, but how about jobs that most people would
    never consider because of their intensity or their disgusting nature?
    Like…attendant at a soft shell crab molting facility. Repair technician
    on commercial fishing boats? Oil refinery cracking tower repair? Wash rack
    operator at a heavy excavation equipment repair facility? I’ve done all

  6. “they are shaking up the whole car industry in a way that the free
    marketeers who are trying to keep them out of thier states” im so confused
    by this. if someone is trying to keep competition out of his state than he
    is by definition not a free marketeer. maybe someone could help me
    understand what adam meant by his statement.

  7. I killed fish… for an entire summer.
    Meaning: 1.pick up the fish. 2. stab the fish behind the head (bløgge in
    Norwegian). 3.then put the fish in a different tub.
    And i would get fish blood, and gore all over me. The shifts could be as
    long as 10 hours. It was cold, and awful. The rest of the guys would be a
    bunch of dicks.
    horrible crap! but it had it’s moments.

  8. Well.. I worked as a extra catering help on a very, very upscale event in
    one of the top resorts in my country… where I found out what a bunch of
    bastards rich people are – you can stand with a tray full of glasses trying
    to navigate the crowd, and when you make a little ‘kchem’ noise to
    indicate, that people are standing and blocking the way out, the best that
    you get is a nasty look, and no movement… on the flip side – I broke
    about 100/200 champagne glasses (unintentionally) while trying to push the
    broken trolley down a ~48/50 degree slope, and literally run on those
    broken glasses trying to save the last bit of them… I sweeped everything
    into big black bags, threw them in the trash, took the equivalent of about
    15$ for that day (yes, that was the official salary) – and never went
    back.. I don’t think they know to this day who broke the damn glasses =)

  9. Sandy Lloyd Jr on

    I actually have one of those terrible jobs. Incredibly low pay rate,
    horrible hours, and almost all the employees are disgusted with the owners.
    I gotta get out of this town. 

  10. I actually had a number of really lousy jobs when I was in both junior and
    high school. No granted all of the junior high jobs except for about 1 were
    largely voluntary. But I could definitely say that one of my worst jobs was
    I was working at this little mom and pop Delhi in Sonoma California that is
    no longer around anymore but it had like a drive thru in it and I was
    working the drive thru and I made it about 4 hours into my 6 hour shift
    before I just discovered that I had had enough I took the polo shirt off I
    took the headset off I set them both down on the counter said thanks for
    the short time left and I never came back. Another job that I didn’t like
    was I worked at a quick stop that was right across the street from my high
    school and I hated this job because there were all of these high school
    kids right after school get out that would just go in there and want to buy
    snacks and stuff after school but the thing that really really irritated me
    was I would go in with some of these groups and then of course go behind
    the counter and they would make fun of me now that one I managed to stick
    out for about 4 months before I couldn’t take it anymore. And the final job
    that I had before graduating high school and joining the army was I worked
    as a they call the maintenance technician but I was largely a former
    janitor at the local hospital and that one lasted about 2 months before I
    quit out of spite after going to the US Army I had a brief brief brief job
    as a road construction flagmen which paid really well but given the area
    that my family and move to it rained a lot so I’ll be standing outside for
    hours on end and it would just get so rainy and it got to the point where I
    actually went to the gas station and bought one of those little folding
    chairs like what you find for campsites to sit on but the supervisor who
    was this frightening guy from like Bosnia or something wouldn’t like it so
    that’s that. But like Adam I do have parents or rather I should say did
    that if I needed the help they would help me and they did bail me out a
    couple of times and I totally grateful for that.

  11. My worst job was working at an inbound customer service call center. It was
    the most soul sucking thing I have ever done. You spend all day talking to
    angry, irrational people, You get terrible pay. You get treated terrible by
    management, who love to give you impossible goals and confilcting
    directives. The whole thing is just awful. If you ever have to speak to
    someone over the phone, especially at a large company, try to be nice.
    Those people are going through hell.

  12. Raymond Doetjes on

    Oh my goodness that brings back memories. I had this summer job that I did
    for 1 day, it was as a “boxcutter”. Because an order picker required a 2
    day training (I was like wtf, I am in engineering college how can I not
    order pick!)

    It was in a massive warehouse where order pickers would pick the orders and
    when a carton was empty the threw it on the ground. We had to walk the 26
    isles collect those boxes cut them up and fold them up.

    We started at 07:00 and ended at 16:30 a 30 minute break and two 15 minute
    coffee breaks. I was completely black from the dust, I was even black under
    my t-shirt and my boxers where grey from the soot.
    During the lunch we had to go through metal detectors, mine went of I got
    frisked by the security who found my boxcutter that was in my back pocket.
    He went on a rant that I wanted to hide this outside and bring it home.
    So I was already fed up. At the end of the day we clocked out and I called
    my name and said this is my last day. The guy looked up flabbergasted:
    “but you started today?!”
    -“Yes and I end today as well.”

    The next year I had the best summer job at the place where my dad worked. I
    was already in engineering college so I got tasked with calibrating their
    ball bearing measurement system in a test lab (learned a lot — was tedious
    thought but setting up a test script running the tests on 1000th of a
    millimeter is something else).
    I upgraded their development machines from 1MB of memory to 4MB of memory
    :D 1991 was a different time.
    And I wrote a test program to simulate keyboard strokes for their new
    release of their test system in Turbo Pascal that I was very apt in after
    the first year in college.

    I realized then that I was lucky that I had/was learning a skill that
    always will be in demand. It keeps giving me a well paying jobs in a
    usually very healthy surroundings with people who are intelligent, funny
    and inspiring.
    And every time (even now) my IT work pays for the bills and I got enough
    left to invest and explore in other areas of interest (always do tie in a
    little with IT or engineering); like film/VFX/Magic prop
    building/performing stage hypnosis and mentalism and usually they pay
    horrible, assuming you find work and especially since the crisis.
    I know people in those fields who could not make it through the crisis and
    end up begging for work and taking on the worst unrelated jobs as to not
    have to sell their house.
    Where I would conclude: “hmmm… this is not working right now, I do love
    it more than software- or network design but hey, that’s not bad work
    compared to what most people need to do to survive. So better dust off the
    old keyboard and get to it.”
    Engineers get all the shit of a company dropped on their laps (often I
    think we are the only people that actually can do stuff in an organisation)
    but all the in aptness of architects, managers and lack of vision keeps us
    in work.

  13. pretty much every job ive had was horrible in one way or another, my
    current one being one of the worst but at the same time im content I must
    like to suffer, personally keeping cool and being able to do your job under
    stressful situations is something ive always been proud of and take pride

  14. I agree with Adam, Everyone needs a customer-interaction job to know what
    its like on both ends. Ive done fast food and have been a Stockboy. I have
    learned a lot of good values and I will always put an item back where it

  15. Ever wonder how these products perform so good during presentations but
    after a few generations they are shitty?

  16. watching this from my ipad air 2 64gb – i laughed when he called the
    original ipad thin! thanks for uploading m8 :)

  17. superdudeman666 on

    Are tablets really better than laptops at all those tasks?

    Browsing: Maybe, sometimes. Depends what and how you’re browsing.
    Email: Only if you’re reading email. Do you want to also reply? Better keep
    it short then!
    Photos and Video: Compared to looking at it on a laptop screen, yes.
    Ultimately, you’ll want video on the big screen anyway, whether it’s coming
    from tablet or laptop. If you’re actually watching long movies and TV
    series directly on a tablet or laptop screen, you are wasting your life
    away. (BTW I’m even typing this using a 46 inch TV right now)
    Music: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The audio is fucking dreadful on tablets. It’s
    usually dreadful on laptops too. You need an external sound system for
    that. Or headphones of course, but in that case a small device is more
    appropriate anyway.
    Games: For casual games that you won’t be spending more than 5 minutes at a
    time playing (usually on the toilet) yes. Those games suck ass, so NO, it’s
    not better for games. Not even close.
    eBooks: Well it’s better than laptops at least, definitely. But tablets are
    still terrible for this. You need a proper reading device with e-paper for

    Bottom line: Tablets are good only for quick consumption of things.
    Anything requiring input from the user or longer sessions of consumption is

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