World?s Strangest Islands


World?s Strangest Islands

There are a lot of strange islands existing around the world with a range of weird phenomenon like the ability of crying, rotating or traveling. Here is the list we compiled about world’s strangest islands; let’s discover.


“Travel” of the island

In the Southeast Atlantic Ocean in Canada, there is a weird travel destination named Sable island. This island is 40 kilometers long from east to west, covering about 1.6 km and has a total area of approximately 80 square kilometers. Sable is listed as one of ten most exotic islands in the world because of its ability to move quickly. Whenever the ocean surface wind is strong, the island began its journey as a sea “travel”. According to the observe in nearly 200 years, Sable Island has been the east “travel” the 20-km, an average annual move 100 meters. However, the mobility of Sable Island is the obsession of some ships. Until now, over 500 vessels had been wrecked with more than 5,000 people’s death. Therefore, Sable Island is also known as “Atlantic cemetery” or “ghost island”.

Sable Island is named one of the most dangerous islands on Earth because of the ability of traveling quickly.


Island will be crying

In the Pacific, there is a small desert island; however, both day and night, this odd island emits the weeping voice which sounds mourful. Sometimes, it likes everyone wails and sometimes likes birds lament and sad anticlimax.


Rotation Island

It is said that a Greek cargo ship in a voyage on the way found in the sea, 1,000 meters from their ship has a constantly rotating giant. At first, they thought it was a super marine mammals; however, when approaching and looking carefully, it is actually an island. More impressively, the odd island‘s rotation is fast and the slowest time is 12 minutes a trip and the highest is one minute a trip.

Rotation Island


Island can separate and merge

In the vast Pacific Ocean, there is a very strange island. Sometimes the island is arbitrarily divided into two separate islands, sometimes automatically two separate are consolidated into one ranging from one or two days and even more than three or four days.


Dust island

Of more than 200,000 islands in the sea, Hawaii is a special one because it is mainly formed from the Chinese dust. Dr. Zoller explained that the spring in China had the frequent sandstorms so that a large amount of dust of Chinese vast desert was driven out, forming in the air with hundreds of miles wide and thick cloud. After that, this cloud is blown across the North Pacific to the Gulf of Alaska, and later moved south, year after year formed the Hawaii island.


Ghost Island

There are some ghost islands which emerge and then disappear suddenly inluding the small island in the western region of the Kingdom of Tonga and one in Miyako Island, Japan. The former was emerged due to undersea volcanic eruption in 1983, then just like a ghost disappeared over the ocean. In 1890, it is 49 meters above the sea, in 1898, it sank in the water 7 meters. December 1967, again emitting surface, but come 1968, it disappeared. In this way, the island appeared and disappeared many times. The latter one is an area of 150 square kilometers and is over the sea surface one time on the year’s biggest tidal day during three hours.

Ghost Island


World’s Strangest Islands: Sable Island


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