Wisdom, Technology and Education: Ideagen Talk by Dr. Kiko Suarez


Wisdom, Technology and Education: Ideagen Talk by Dr. Kiko Suarez
During a recent Ideagen Talk, Dr. Kiko Suarez from Lumina Foundation discussed wisdom and technological changes. He expressed his concern not only about "the skills gap" but also "the wisdom gap." Dr. Suarez said, "…If you are able to see the …
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German government denies it knew of diesel rigging technology
A German newspaper, die Welt, said the answer was tantamount to admitting that it knew of the car emissions "tricks" but a spokesman denied this. "There was no knowledge at the Transport Ministry about the use of emissions control technology," he said.
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The Cities With The Most Technology Jobs And The Jobs That Pay The Most
Check out the videos on the website of three-year-old coding school Galvanize and you will meet Dan Morris, a former professional poker player who trained to be a data scientist through a $ 16,000 12-week course. Morris tapped into what is arguably the …
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Cambridge Technology opens new Development Center in China
Cambridge Technology (CTI) announces the grand opening of its first research and development center in China. The company's Suzhou development center focuses on continued innovation in providing best-in-class, laser beam steering solutions to leading …
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