Types Of Dolphins-Find out about Dolphins And Their Activities


Types Of Dolphins-Find out about Dolphins And Their Activities


Although you might only be familiar with one type of dolphin, bottlenose dolphins, there are in fact 26 different types of dolphins in the world. Bottlenose dolphins are typical and are the type that you would notice at marine aquatic parks all over the world. It can also be the species which is most analyzed by biologists and is considered to be just about the most intelligent animals on earth.
Bottlenose dolphins use a thick beak, robust body and range in color from black to gray. Their underbelly is lighter than their top and they can live quite nearby the shore or perhaps out in the open water. Males are often larger than females and can have an assortment in length from 1. 8 m to 3. 8 m. There is usually a difference in weight as well with smaller dolphins weighing in at 300 pounds and their larger counterparts weighing at as much as 1400 pounds. Males generally live to the age of 40 to 45 although females can live to be 50 years or older. As properly, it is not uncommon for a 45-year-old dolphin to provide birth.
Dolphins live and play together and often form a group of 2 to 15 dolphins. They really are a cooperative number of sea mammals which play together and use echolocation frequency to capture and locate their prey. They can easily swim right towards the fish as well as eat them whole or they are able to strike the fish first using their flukes, knock them right out of the water and then consume them.
There are many different types of dolphins inhabiting lots of the coastal waters, but bottlenose dolphins are mostly seen. Most live between the latitudes of 45° north and 45° south of the equator. Some also reside in the waters present in the northern parts of Europe.
There has been a lot of controversy during recent years about the fishing practices utilized to catch tuna and how dolphins are becoming a breed that may possibly grow to be extinct if this practice is continued. Bottlenose dolphins are specially affected. These dolphins get trapped in the fishing nets useful for tuna fishing and other types of dolphins can get caught as well. While plans have been developed to help keep tuna fishing dolphin friendly, there has to be more work done on a global basis to ensure that dolphins are protected.
Bottlenose dolphins have become social animal and can develop a significant relationship with people. In marine parks a trainer and a dolphin can become very close and can indeed learn to understand one another. They are a sensible attitude animal that deserves plenty of respect, care as well as understanding. While other types of dolphins are also intelligent and also beautiful to behold, more is famous about the bottlenose dolphins since they are more common and have been the analysis of many scientists throughout recent years.

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