Top 10 NBA Crossovers: November 2014


Take a look at the best ankle-breakers from the past month. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Can…

Check out the Top 10 plays from a busy Monday night. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. Th…



  1. Where the hell is the lou Williams crossover on Lebron james? He had Lebron
    on skates and busting it on his ass all game?

    NBA will post fake crossovers with players trying to go over or under
    screens and players getting tripped, but won’t post an actual crossover on

    Dick riding and protection at its finest NBA. 

  2. Only like three legit crossovers out of the whole bunch. Most of them are
    guys trying to jump screens and getting exposed and the one on CP was a
    trip up. They were all great plays but most of them I wouldn’t count as
    someone getting crossed.

  3. I will always refer to Iverson when it’s a crossover….so by those terms
    it’s gotta be a one on one situation…the one where the defender is over
    playing a screen and or a screen is coming is idk…its a crossover…but
    its not lol…you get what I mean….its you, the defender, and the
    rim…that’s it…break his ass….but if the screen is there and they are
    tripping over feet, etc. you lose style points lol.

  4. I feel like the napier cross should be first and the lawson one second. I
    mean dang napier faked out two players and the skill it wasn’t just one
    move. That double behind the back.

  5. +rcinglad This idiot. always talks crap about the raptors, someone should
    tell him that we are one of the best in the league!

  6. They should make a new skill in upcoming 2k games. When you break ankles or
    do crossover you get a boost to your shot

  7. Kwame brown. Number 1 player in NBA history. Like this comment so everyone
    can see that Kwame is the greatest basketball player in the history of the

  8. GREAT hustle by Lowry in that #1 spot. Commit a TO, then block, then a
    steal, and then a dime.

    Is Kyle Lowry top 10 PG? This may be premature, but let us discuss. 

  9. To me it’s ignorant and at the same time I love it when Gerald Green throws
    up gang signs (I say gang because that’s the best way to describe it not
    saying he is gang affiliated) it’s funny cause it’s like he’s challenging
    the fans of Toronto lol 

  10. D rose is the best he has ben injured a lot of times but he had mvp career
    without him chicago sucks when he plays he is a machine he changed chicago
    bed to exellent i think that they can win the championsip if thay stay
    halthy . D-rose legend so mutch beather than cp3 haters. When cp3 plays to
    tony parker,westbrook those guys he has not a chance so don’t tell me shit

  11. Killua Zoldyck on

    Top 4 haters on the NBA channel so watch out.
    3.Mike Wallace
    4. Raptor Hater
    Watch out for these dumb ass trolls don’t fall for their bait.

  12. ChicagoBulls7732 on

    *Play number 7 is to all the dumb asses who said LeBron couldn’t get up and
    he lost his athleticism at age 29…gtfo*

  13. LEBRON THE G.O.A.T. !!!

    LeBron is so good, he called the NBA and told them to put him on #2 instead
    of #1, so other players can shine too. LeBron is the nicest guy on the
    planet! He even let me suck his cock! LeBron is more powerful than god and
    satan together!

  14. Jesus christ the sixers suck, the nba should just remove that team from the
    NBA. Also lecramps cant do anything, dunking and turnovers all lechoke can
    do, pshh, suns are boring, just gg dunking all the time. Warriors da best
    of all time, splash bros gonna tie for mvp and finals mvp. Steve kerr coach
    of the year. Iggy sixth man of the year. harrrison barnes most improved
    player. #warriors2014-2015nbachamps. Suck on that everybody. Lechoke

  15. Spodman_theboss on

    God damn. Portland gets no love. Back to back ally ops, robin Lopez poster,
    but instead we get to see a fucking stupid lebronze James outlet pass for a
    pathetic dunk

  16. The Michael carter williams play waaaaaaaaaaaaaay doper than every freakin
    one one this list beside number 1 maybe what the fuck?????

  17. that aint ordinary bruh on

    Sixers are garbage. They’re not tanking. The two over all picks are a
    center, and a PG. Phila already has both. They need forwards and guards.

  18. Tristan Phoenix on

    Seeing number 1 again makes it look even more amazing. Kyle Lowry put in a
    lot of work there to get the ball. You got a block, turnover, steal and
    then an assist to *Terrence Ross* for the basket. Excellent balling.