1. Brooklyn Hudson on

    The diabetic doctor dude…WHY is he not talking to that man about Whole
    Food Plant Based eating? Rather than counting on a second amputation and
    offering injections of insulin to maintain his illness, he could regulate
    that man’s blood sugar in under a month with a WFPB diet. Our medical
    system is a wreck. 

  2. Unfortunately, the way human nature works is that people have to have
    consequences for their actions to make better decisions. The whole left
    winged idea that everyones problem is always big governments, big
    corporations, etc is exactly what gives everyone the ability to take zero
    accountability for their actions. 

  3. Diabetes is a much more serious problem than lung cancer in terms of the
    cost of medical care. When your diagnosed with lung cancer (like my mother
    and mother-in-law), you are likely gone within a year. With diabetes, you
    can live for decades, at an incredible cost. We can put an end to this if
    we want to. To start? Limit what you can purchase with food stamps. No
    sugary soda, candy, chips, cookies and other crap. Tough luck to the food

  4. I hear all the bitching and whining how corporations are making too much of
    cheap tasty food….well, fuck, don’t eat so much, have some control over
    yourself you dumb fuck.

  5. Jeshuah Carpenter on

    Too much emphasis on exercise, especially in children who are active
    naturally. Fatties need to stop binge eating cakes and pies, an active
    lifestyle is only part of it, and companies need to be held to account for
    their poisoning of the youth.

  6. I’m snacking on nuts and broccoli as I watch this. The issue is garbage
    diets promulgated by junk food companies. Poisonous drinks, snacks and
    diets that have no nutritional value, yet are loaded with sugar and fat.
    Put these people on real food diets and they will lose the weight. Problem
    is, a decent diet of fresh veggies and fruits is expensive and doesn’t
    exactly taste good compared to all of that sugar and fat. Poverty does have
    a lot to do with it. It’s personal choice but it’s also the pimps pushing
    junk food that are killing so many of us.

  7. When we know better, we do better. If not, it’s then a choice and we have
    no one but ourselves to blame. I believe the research on pre-disposition to
    being overweight is correct, however armed with that knowledge on top of
    all the awareness of what certain foods do to the body (and from a very
    young age) there is no room to play the ‘It’s the fast food giants'” fault
    card. If you can afford to eat out at a FF restaurant, what is the excuse
    not to take that same $$$ to a grocery store and purchase something less
    dangerous to your health? Stop being a victim and start being a survivor.
    No one is forcing people to eat like crap – it’s a choice. It may be a
    difficult habit and lifestyle to break, but difficult and impossible aren’t
    the same thing. 

  8. James Antanavage on

    And also what about muscle weighing more than fat. I lift and technically
    overweight but am healthy.. Doesnt make sense

  9. priestessmikokikyo77 on

    Would it be better just to teach children at an early age about obesity and
    how horrible it is? it’s better to just go to an actual restaurant were
    they serve good wholesome food that is not too high in sugar, high in
    sodium maybe and you get good green vegetables and salads. It’s sad though
    when you rely more on fast foods and not really good natural foods that are
    found in a grocery store!

    I am off of fast food!

  10. The liver disease/cirrhosis they are finding even in kids is from high
    fructose corn syrup which does the same to your liver as alcohol does.
    Over half the items in the average supermarket contains hfcs, even the so
    called health foods and high carb muesli bars .

  11. I once heard someone said ;”why there wasn’t any obesity in the Nazi’s
    concentration camp ?”. I am curious, can some one answer this for me too ?

  12. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these average people
    accomplish it so easily using Ready Set Ripped (check it out on Google).

  13. Wow just Wow…
    I’ve been fortunate enough to take from my dad’s side, where everybody’s
    naturally slim and very tall and some of us are even naturally fit. so
    Being overweight/obese has never been an issue for me, but i used to eat a
    lot of junk because i knew that my body would burn all the fat just like
    that due my extremely fast metabolism.
    I decided a few months ago to give up sugar, fast food and started drinking
    a lot more water and i’ll say that i feel SO much better. I used to feel
    sluggish, drained and tired all the time from eating all that garbage.
    They’re right SUGAR is THE ultimate enemy, consume a lot less of it, you
    won’t have to step on a scale to see results, you’ll FEEL the results. My
    only regret now is that i didn’t start sooner.

  14. I was 105kg on my peak weight at 5’6″ I have tried all diets and simply
    doesn’t work but when I started researching and found out that the sugary ,
    fatty and processed food makes us obese , I put all I have learned into
    practice, after 13 weeks of proper healthy eating habits and playing
    basketball and lifting weight I lost 30kg , my diabetes was gone , BP
    normal, sleep apnea was gone… then after awhile I started eating bread ,
    sweets, processed foods again ,I piled up 10kgs in 2 months then started
    living health again and lost 4kgs in 3 weeks alone…THEREFORE its all down
    what we put in our mouth and lack of inactivity that makes us

  15. Why do people never mention that their are actually 3 types of diabetes…
    Type 1, Type 2, and type 1.5 or otherwise known as LADA that only happen in

  16. James Antanavage on

    And there are def more places than just Bogalusa… Lol its just because
    all the data they have what a dumb statement that lady gave .. There’s
    probably worse 

  17. Fat does not make you fat.
    Calories don’t make you fat
    Complex carbohydrates/ grains and sugar make you fat.
    The government food pyramid is all wrong and at the root of the epidemic.
    This has nothing to do with poverty or healthcare cost
    Google Paleo, Ketogenic and what sugar especially fructose does to your
    Humans have thrived for thousands of years, developing into the smartest
    apex predator on earth on high fat, high protein, vegetables and fruits and
    You can cure type2 diabetes,, loose the weight steadily and be off the
    drugs in 6 to 8 weeks by changing your diet while not starving yourself,
    meaning you eat whenever you are hungry.

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