1. IDon'tReallyKnowHowIGotHere,ButIfYouWentAndMadeMeASandwichThatWouldBeGreat. on

    Btw, the ice thing underneath is an Asian dessert which tastes really good
    with condensed milk and red bean.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get why people would want to eat out of
    toilets? : /
    Or have restroom themed restaurants?

    It’s kinda like a funeral, but instead of a coffin, you got a trash can.

  3. In Baton Rouge, La there used to be a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, where
    while you eat you could participate in a murder mystery. (Like the game
    Clue, I’m guessing, I never went). I’m not sure if it’s there still though.

  4. Ok, I feel like you really needed to do some more research for this
    episode. A simple google search would tell you that the restaurant isn’t
    just some new weird gimmick. The original restaurant called Modern Toilet
    with the same concept and similar menu opened in Taiwan around 10 years
    ago, was very popular there. It is actually a chain now, with several
    branches open in Taiwan and nearby Asian countries. This was an attempt to
    spread the idea overseas to America, since there was lots of popularity
    among foreign tourists who visited the restaurant in Taiwan.
    I don’t know about the quality of the food at the California location, but
    the original Taiwanese location was also known for great food, dishes there
    like the curry even won some awards. Seriously guys, you didn’t have to be
    so hard on it if you were at least minimally informed. Seriously, just
    google the damn thing next time.

  5. my dream restaurant is you write you order an the throw it to the kitchen
    an you eat out of a dog bowl and sit on the floor in a beanbag chair

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