The Spanish Regal Family


The Spanish Regal Family

The Imperial family of the Kingdom of Spain has been in existence for the longest time compared to other European royalties. The origin of this regal family is traceable to nuptials between her majesty queen Isabella I and his highness the king Ferdinand II who sat at the helm of the Castile and Aragon kingdoms respectively.

This gave birth to the Kingdom of Spain whose dynasties were later integrated by King Charles I. This saw them become a single state under monarchical rule.

The Kingdom of Spain consists of a number of dynasties, commonly referred to as ‘Houses’. These include the House of Habsburg. This dynasty was initially known as the House of Austria but the name changed soon after King Charles the first took the throne in the year 1516. Not much is known about the dynasty ever since the 16 year old Philip the fifth succeeded King Charles the second.
King Charles II’s will to be succeeded by the young Phillip V bore the House of Bourbon. The Bourbon dynasty ruled until late 1808, a relatively shorter period compared to its predecessor. For the next three years, the Bonaparte dynasty took over the sovereignty of the Spanish empire under King Joseph I who stepped down soon after the Bourbon dynasty was back to its feet again. This time it was Alfonso XII who led the empire.

Two years later in the year 1886, Alfonso XIII took over the leadership from his father, Alfonso XII and ruled for the next five years. This Spanish Family ceased to have control over the Kingdom of Spain until the year 1875 when it was restored once again and King Juan Carlos took the helm.

Despite numerous crumblings and rebirths, the House of Bourbon turns out to be the longest serving dynasty. It has also been the most influential as taken into account in the Kingdom of Spain.

The Spanish noble Family of King Juan Carlos I was founded by as the name puts forward, King Juan Carlos the first. He took the high seat from his grandfather, King Alfonso XIII. King Juan Carlos I went for a nuptial ceremony with her highness, the queen Sofia.

Prior to her marriage to King Juan Carlos the first, she was the princess of the kingdom of Greece. Her family fled the Kingdom of Greece as a result of skirmishes arising from the Second World War.

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