The Secret To Living A Long Life


The Secret To Living A Long Life

Do you want to live a long and healthy life? Well the secret to doing so might be a lot easier than you think. More about Bryson: Vice Documentary: https://www.yo…
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Scientists in the US and the UK have mapped the genome for the world’s longest-living mammal, the bowhead whale. Now researchers have discovered the unique gene responsible for giving this…
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  1. people say they feel older BECAUSE THEY ARE LESS HEALTHY YOU FUCKING
    RETARDS. it has nothing to do with state of mind.

    oh my fucking hell. 

    50’S. Makes me feel like I’m still in my mid 30’s.

  3. In the next video….
    “The secret to becoming rich”
    – Hi it’s Trace, the studies have shown that 90% of people who say they
    felt like they are rich,are rich. So whats the secret to being rich? just
    feel rich and hope for the best…..

  4. Are these guys really saying that simply be *thinking* that you are
    younger, your life expectancy will be elongated?

    Could it possibly be that those who said felt *older* than they actually
    were, were, in fact, in bad shape in terms of overall health and therefore
    died sooner?

    *I think this is another classic example of causation vs correlation when
    drawing conclusions from scientific studies.* Any thoughts? 

  5. It would be difficult to prove that or health is affected by our mindset
    and not the other way around. I think it’s both.

    Just as people who feel better (feel younger) are healthier and so live

    The stress of having a bad mindset will also tear down on the body, just as
    any other stress.

  6. Stargazer Nation™ on

    When i was in my teens i felt and looked older than what i was, Like i was
    missing out and time was passing by too quick, Now in my mid 30s i look
    better than most guys my age and enjoy my life everyday, though i can’t
    imagine getting old and dying, I feel we have to take in what we can and
    build for future generations :) Favorite song by OASIS “Live Forever” LOL

  7. “Sometimes people die when they dont wana live no more” – That old guy from

    Looks like he was right :D

  8. We’ll I felt like I’ve stopped aging at 15, sure I’ve learnt more things,
    but honestly I feel like I’m still 15 in my head–despite being a 28 year
    old fat dude who has been in and out of CHF so many damn times it confuses
    my own doctors and the damn pacemaker just seems to get in the way at
    times. Yeah, I’d love to live a long life, but I have a hard time seeing
    that happen as long as my heart requires a battery. Still, despite all the
    aches and pains I feel, I still feel 15. Maybe because I used to do the
    skateboard thing and fall a fuck load. Maybe I got a head injury when I was
    trying to impress girls at that age with my
    can-ram-my-head-into-hard-things-and-not-die skill… I don’t think that is
    much of a skill. 

  9. Who the hell wants to live until 100, 90 or even 80?

    You never see a person in their 80’th or 90’th birthday all jolly and
    riverdancing shouting “Woohoo I made it to age X” nope, their in their
    fucking adult diapers, unable to walk to the freaking toilet without
    assistance, looking down in depression thinking to themselves, “Shit, when
    does it end?”

    Have you ever gone to a retirement home? I have, it’s the most depressing
    experiences of my life, I’d rather put a bullet through my head rather than
    being one of those lonely, depressed old people in a wheelchair with a
    diaper getting spongebaths from male nurses once a week.

  10. GoshirnGaming on

    So being 22 and battling depression for 7 years and feeling around 5 to 10
    years older than I am is probably going to impact my longevity :/

  11. goatmonkey2112 on

    Mentally I don’t think I will ever stop feeling like there has been some
    kind of mistake and I should still be in college. 

  12. Shawn Ravenfire on

    One reason people may feel younger than they are is because we gauge what
    “old” is while we’re young. When you’re in your twenties, you look at a
    person in his fifties, and think, “Wow, that’s an old person.” Then you
    turn fifty, and it’s not nearly as bad as you thought it would be, so you
    think, “I still feel like a young person.”

  13. Yêu Nguyễn on

    Guys, the second biggest secret to living long is eating Japanese food,
    specifically Ryukyuan/Okinawan food. Okinawan food has been proven to
    extend life

  14. The Verbally Abusive Clown on

    Based upon my own research, there’s a 50% chance that these mice will
    develop blowholes.

  15. Awakened2Truth on

    sick gene hackers… that’s what they are… gene hackers… “GENE
    HACK-MAN”…. gene hackers… corrupters, perverters… irrevocably turning
    the world into a servantile custom abomination..

  16. Awakened2Truth on

    In man’s attempt to reverse a whole system that is against him, he shall
    die in vain.

    To think one go against entropy and win.. they are either tools to make
    much wealth off of, or they are faustian blind.

  17. Keep allowing psychopathic criminals to rule the planet and a *whole lot*
    of people won’t be living *much* longer *anyway!*


    Social engineering propaganda that controls the mass population!!!
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    Genesis 3:4-5 New International Version (NIV)

    4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. 5 “For God
    knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be
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  19. HoldOnToYourHats on

    I have the answer for a long long stress free life. Don’t get married and
    don’t have children. Oh, and don’t become a banker. 

  20. BrotherWoody1 on

    This fish oil peddler needs to avert his gaze from The Singularity long
    enough to find some other project that will cost zillions & produce little
    because if he can’t experiment on the long lived whale he can’t do the
    science despite any typical consensus from his amen corner of scientific
    colleagues. If you aren’t allowed to do experiments how can you possibly
    produce science? Oh, yes, you produce models. They haven’t seemed to work
    very well lately with either “the Climate Crisis” or the world economy.

  21. HoldOnToYourHats on

    I want to die like my dad did at the age of 70; peacefully in his sleep.
    Not screaming in terror like his passengers. 

  22. tinkering, with mother nature again! if we looked after ourselves, and ate
    naturally, we would have a decent lifespan. why dont we leave things ALONE!

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