1. Dr. Savage i need your insight and expertise. My friend has alopecia!
    Second time around, what is it, what causes it, and other then chemical
    treatments what can be done? If you can offer anything, I trust you may
    know something you can share. Thanks

  2. Mike McMillan on

    Today’s Savage Nation is the best since angry Friday. This is the Savage
    there should be more of on the show.

  3. Ron La Manna on

    America now has 102 cases of measles…PANIC PANIC VACCINE PUSHING
    what they want…

  4. I don’t wish death on anyone (except pedophiles) but Savage is right,
    Jordan must follow through with their threat to execute the prisoners.

  5. Dr.Avrington on

    Come on Dr. Savage. The caller was referring to the inhumane savage
    Islamic, Hindu and other Eastern cultures. His reference to “sand and
    glass” means nuking the entire area and getting the heck out of there….
    Islam is a cancer.
    America is lead by criminals that must be culled by righteous Americans
    because no judicial, legal, political, financial, educational or media
    edifice will do so in a much needed RICO investigations. The exact reason
    why the 2nd Amendment was written…. Get the culling started already….

  6. It seems like no matter what ISIS does, Obama and our military spokesman
    (who looks and sounds like a weak man) just talk, talk talk. There is no
    action! Yes we do some air bombings, but ISIS is still gaining ground and
    gaining supporters. So it seems like no matter what happens, all there will
    be is talk. Terrible. 

  7. the traderous black racist in the white house and the liberal that support
    him are putting our children, families and America at risk…………both
    must be held accountable when the time comes……..accountable without
    mercy….because they are exposing our lover ones to swines that are evil
    and burn people alive… 

  8. I am shocked cocksuckers and clit lickers like hillary have nothing to say
    about the homos being thrown off roofs

  9. what Isis has done pales in comparison to the holocaust during the invasion
    of Iraq and Afghanistan…we forget we were duped that there were weapons
    of mass destruction.

  10. This is what religion does. My heart goes out to the family of the pilot
    brutally murdered by these subhumans. This has been on my mind all day
    long. I don’t have any time to celebrate the Patriots victory over the
    Seattle Seahawks as I morn the loss of this man and the reporter from Japan
    as well as all the other victims of be-headings. These are clearly
    inhumane acts. Something MUST be done to prevent more innocent human beings
    from being brutalized in this fashion. I am troubled by this act of
    brutality. This is not fair and has to be stopped. 

  11. once again when that crackhead faggot opens his trap the 40 year old
    cameras start clicking to make it sound important. where the hell do you
    get a camera these days that make a click when the shutter closes

  12. Chronic Heaven The ProGODnosis on

    I can barely pay attention to the news bc it makes me cry but Id rather be
    aware than with my head in the ground 

  13. The Middle East or Arab nations have their own militaries and could wipe
    out the scum psychopath Muslims, yet they do nothing. Why is that? As
    much as I would love for the U.S. to just nuke them…I would much rather
    have their own Muslim brothers and sisters wipe them out. Yet, they do

  14. FlowWolf PsyTrance on

    ONG rolling in laughter. LOL!!!!!!!!!! I am a vegetarian for over 11 years,
    but I loved how we roasted vegans (and even veggies) about ridiculing your
    son to Sean Penn ! That was funny. He may be wrong many times over, but he
    has a good personality, he’s a genius and sharp intellect, and he makes me
    laugh the most and the hardest in this mundane life. Thank you, Dr. Savage.

  15. Radkon Psygami on

    I have to agree with Michael Savage – the only way to deal with ISIS is to
    be absolutely brutal with them. . . and that they along with their
    family/children need to be wiped out.

    It sucks to say that (being a civilized and reasonable man), but
    negotiating with these cut-throats obviously doesn’t work so THE only way
    to communicate with them is with exceedingly more brutal violence.

    I wouldn’t mind if they captured some of these assholes, found out WHO they
    are and WHO their family members are and then cut off the heads of each and
    every single family member (deleting their genetic line) in front of their
    eyes before executing them. I would make sure that Al Jazeera reporters
    record and release the video of this execution with the message that if you
    become a Muslim terrorist in search of heavenly virgins then the price will
    be too high to bare.

  16. Interesting for savage to say he wants the foreigners meddling in Israel’s
    elections arrested. I don’t remember him calling for the arrest of aipac
    operatives, who are without a doubt, the most meddlesome foreign lobby in
    the US, Plus the most lawless

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