1. Its a movie folks for shit sake……and so far up to the 31st minute a
    good one
    Haven’t you lot ever heard of “Dramatic license” ?????
    So far the acting has been very good

  2. Yea, it’s base on the Killing field where they found over 15 bodies? I just
    watched the documentary. 

  3. This is dumb. I don’t imagine cops go in & tell the parents their child is
    dead when they’re at dance recital watching their younger daughter perform.

  4. Ben Tillotson on

    good film ,good story, little bit weak on the acting and script, but very
    watchable, thanks for upload

  5. I thought this was a really good movie, minimal background music to set the
    theme, good plot and good acting, very watch-able.

  6. I don’t get why they named it the killing field bit even so it was a good
    movie good acting for the most part story line pretty good but the random
    phrases were a dead give away to what was coming and what was going to
    happen next and l also didn’t get the ending because he wanted to punish
    his ex for leaving him but he chooses to make just the cop watch they could
    have done a lot more with the ending but they chose that l guess someone
    was not on budget by that time so there it is anyway even with ghat ending
    it was a pretty good movie l say 31/2 ***’.s 

  7. Gordon Thorne on

    Actually cannot believe I watched the full movie….. I’m sure the NSW
    police enjoyed being made to look like a pack of boy scouts. The direction
    was very low standard on the technical accuracy of the script.

  8. brennon dixon on

    Came here because of Liam Mcintyre. Disapointed to say the least. Now a
    TV Series of this has been created, called Winter.

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