The Human Condition | 인간의 조건: Living Only with Part-time Jobs, part 2 (2014.07.12)


Living Only with Part-time Jobs, part 2; The members have to live only with part-time jobs. If you’re exhausted from part-time jobs, try the best jobs. The w…
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  1. There is more meaningful content for the girls version. It seems more
    “true” to the show’s concept. More info and more educational too.
    The boys version has more clowning around. There’s a lot of footage of the
    boys sitting around and chatting and doing nothing. I don’t think they
    should try to create footage sitting on the sofa, they should focus on
    doing the mission and show us more footage of them doing the mission.

  2. half air half voice. JYP whisper. LOOOOL Shinyoung. Without her the female
    would’ve still been nice, but boring.

  3. I wish they could invite GOT7 on the show~ Shinyoung is main MC of I GOT 7,
    so that wouldn’t be impossible right? :3 

  4. Give me that pet sitter job, I would do it all day if you want me to >.< They r so cuteeeeeee :x OMG that puppyyyyyyyyyyyyy I wanna hug him/her.

  5. WonderlandDaebak on

    I like how the switch from male to female every two week. It makes it
    exciting and not so boring with the same cast every week. This is kind of
    random but when they were eating the watermelon, I felt sick. I caught a
    virus and was really sick. I accidentally ate watermelon and threw up all
    night long. Never eating watermelon again.

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