The enthusiasm for cricket news live score


The enthusiasm for cricket news live score

Sports and games, both interdependent terms, conveying the same meaning, have always attracted big crowd. Amid all games, it is cricket that has been riding herd. Be it any series, spectators always fill the seats in the stadiums. The live cricket scores get displayed on the board. Cricket scores live also get displayed with the games being shown live in television channels. For busy people backed by hectic schedules in the office or those who are on the move can view cricket news live score on news portals if having access to the Internet or listen to the same in a radio channel.

Cricket fans are not only limited to a few sections of the people. The young and the old, the male and the female irrespective of nations stay glued to the television channels to view the live cricket. It is no surprise if you find even the small kids, children, and teenagers involved in playing cricket in their neighborhood or wherever they are able to get space for playing. Even for them the live cricket scores of any national or international cricket matches do matter. Ask them about the cricket scores and pat would come the reply in the positive; such is the enthusiasm associated.

As per the latest cricket score live on the close of the second day of the first test scoreboard on Pakistan vs South Africa held in Dubai reported on Saturday, Pakistan were 144 for two wickets. South Africa made 380 all out with G. Smith scoring 100, A. Petersen 67, H. Amla 80, J. Kallis 73; U. Gul 3-100, A. Rehman 3-101. The news also carried reports about Pakistani pace bowler Wahab Riaz being ruled out of the rest of the first test against South Africa due to a side strain. He will take no further part in the two-match series, as per the cricket news live.

India were 237 for three wickets during lunch time on the third day of the second test against New Zealand reported as per cricket news live score on Sunday.

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