Syria Impasse! Thailand Protests! CA Micro-Stamping Gun Law! New Home Sales Fall 7%!

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  1. That’s a good point. If the government declaring protesting to be a felony
    then it could justify taking away everyone’s rights.

  2. Regarding the firing pin stamp … 20 minutes with some polishing compound
    and a dremmel and the stamp will be either worn completely off or worn to
    the point that it’s no longer readable. You also touched on another
    weakness in the law. You can simply go to a gun range, pick up a hand full
    of stray casings in your caliber and if you commit a crime, drop them on
    the ground.

  3. lineartechbd1600 on

    Attention gun people, why is it that you guys are all for banning convicted
    criminals from owning guns when the constitution doesn’t mention this
    disallowance? If you guys were truely pro constitutional as you claim, you
    would be fighting for convicted felons to have guns to but you don’t. If
    you can break your pro gun ownership stance for them, you should accept
    simply things like gun stamping

  4. Micro-stamping is Infringement of the 2nd Amendment, so case closed in my
    book for it.
    BUT For the Statist dream of Micro-stamping to have any value 100%
    registration of all arms would be a prerequisite. Also firing pins would
    have to be integral to the gun. Would firing pins have to be registered or
    the gun?
    As DEMCAD said this is bullying and CA’s attempt to disarm its citizens.
    There is no more to it than that.

  5. The human race is in a world of hurt and there is not much you can do about
    it. You can only make so many stupid decisions before they catch up with
    you. I’ve pretty much given up on California. With the water issues, the
    fiscal issues, Cali is on an express train to hell and the leadership is to
    stupid to see it. People either can’t leave because of a job, family or
    the fact that Cali is simply home. It’s those people I feel sorry for,
    California can’t supply water for the present level of population
    period. They can do things like recycle waste water (Something that
    should have been done years ago), that will only put off the train wreck.
    Desalination isn’t the answer it takes to much power and what do you do
    with all that excess salt? The fiscal issues are well known, it only a
    matter of time before California has it’s Detroit moment. 

  6. I hope that in this day and age we all understand that gun laws are not
    passed to reduce crime; they are simply passed to try to disarm the
    general public. I truly hope that enough of us are awake to understand
    this. Thank you for what you do DEMCAD. It’s very much appreciated.

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  8. Sorry Reginald, it’s hard to agree with your legitimization of the nuclear
    lie. Japan has promoted it as safe for well over half a century, and
    ironically it is destroying them. They must assume responsibility for their
    mistakes and lead the nations of the world by being an example. Safe
    nuclear power is a fool’s dream, and it costs countless lived every year.
    Stop the patent suppression and allow Tesla tech to work for the benefit of

  9. Microstamping is unpractical, too expensive, and if police recover the gun
    & bullet, they almost always know if the gun fired it. Also criminals can
    ‘Rat Tail’ the gun and mess up the markings. So its just a tyrannical
    infringement on the 2nd Amendment. 

  10. suburban sentinel on

    Washington D.C. is the place where good ideas go to die. California is
    where dumb ideas flourish like Summer dandelions.

  11. The government loves the stock market because they can use it to fool us
    into believing the depression is over and that the economy is getting

    Inflation causes the price of all things to increase … including stocks
    … so when you see the stock market rising, it might just be inflation …
    which is BAD for consumers and the economy!

    Something else that most folks are unaware of is that just because stock
    values are going up, that doesn’t mean production has gone up. It just
    means they’ve found a way to make more money, which may have been by
    eliminating jobs and/or production that isn’t very profitable. It might be
    by finding new materials or methods which allow them to produce at a lower
    cost, but not necessarily increase production.

    When we talk about the economy growing … we’re NOT talking about the
    dollar value of the stock market. We’re talking about PRODUCTION of goods
    and services. We’re talking about JOBS. We’re talking about EXPANSION in
    industry. Our economy isn’t doing ANY of those things. The main reason the
    “official” unemployment number is down is because they changed the way it
    is calculated so that they can exclude as many unemployed people as
    possible. If we calculated unemployment now the way they calculated it 20
    years ago, our unemployment would be somewhere in the 20% range!

  12. lineartechbd1600 on

    I also think before every gun is sold, it should be fired and the
    fingerprint of that bullet should be matched to the gun’s serial number and
    turned over to the fbi so it can be traced if used in a crime.

  13. lineartechbd1600 on

    Reggie, I think you miss the point of the proposal regarding guns. If I buy
    a gun, the number is registered to me. If I illegally sell that gun and
    somebody uses it in a murder, they can trace that gun back to me so I am
    way less likely to sell my gun to a guy who is not legit and who has the
    proper documentation to purchase. Just like with automobiles, when you lend
    your car to a guy who uses it as a get away vehicle, law enforcement can
    use the threat of prison time for you in exchange for the details of who
    was using your car. Just like with explosives, the government can track who
    bought what explosives from where and work backwards. Shell identification
    will curb the illegal sales of arm from legit to illigitmate people and
    therefore get the guns out of the hands of the illigitimate types.
    Remember, we can already identify what bullet came out of what barrel and
    what firing pin PROBABLY fired what shell already and crimnals don’t do
    much to prevent that so why doyou think they will do anything to change the
    fireing pin? We have serial numbers on guns but nobody says stop putting
    numbers on guns because we still have gun crimes. Just because something
    doesn’t work 100 percent doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it. Mexico/USA
    border guards don’t catch every drug shipment so should we remove the
    border guards because it is not 100%?
    Just like a car, people should have documentation for all gun sales so if
    your gun ends up in the hands of a killer, the cops will come knocking on
    YOUR door and this will stop people from selling their guns to people who
    shouldn’t have them. This proposal willl do a lot to stop bun sales to
    criminals and has nothing to do with taking away your guns.

  14. The heck with California. It costs way to much to live there. The taxes are
    way to high. Let’s not forget how much corruption lives there. Also, they
    get no sympathy from me because they think they are better than us. They
    live where many natural disasters could strike not heading the warnings.
    Also lets not forget the millions of illegals as well as over 3 million
    homeless bums. California declared bankruptcy a while back and is pretty
    broke. There is a ton of welfare and other social burdens. Let the place
    burn it would actually lighten our nations load.

    Oh and I will disable comments on this. I am just casting my opinion like a
    vote. Go ahead and cast yours. Just don’t try and think I care to argue the
    topic with you.

  15. The government has already proved they will do what they want regardless of
    public opinion, just imagine what will will happen if they get rid of the
    (which they want very badly)

  16. chantha hanesana on

    that right our second amendment right is in danger and we all know it in
    CA, once we turn into the state like new york . Watch out people ohter
    states be very very worry cause u know what comng to ya . taking our guns
    away and than tyranny gov come in and control our lives . just a matter of
    time when they wanted to make it happen . 

  17. In California where I live, there are investors that bid against each other
    on all the houses on the market. They do this just to drive up prices. A
    neighbor put his place up for sale and in two days had over 20 cash
    investor show up. It’s a scam just like the stock market and precious metal
    markets. And will crash right along with the stock market and US dollar. 

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