Student Blues


Student Blues

Going to school is fun. You get to meet new friends, learn many things and most of all, you get an allowance. Parents push their children to go to school for their future. They teach their kids how important education is and what can it do to change their lives. Today, there are certain companies like the insurance that offer educational plans for children. Educational plans ensures the child’s education and it promises a good future. Despite all these, students also experience many troubles in school. Here are some of the problems students’ mostly encounter:

The Assignment – Yes, the all time favorite of students! Well of course, I’m just being sarcastic. Most students hate doing assignments because they do no like taking their school works at home and some are just lazy to open their notebooks and write.
Projects – Probably the most hated school work of all. Projects do not come as often as the assignments but they usually require much work and effort. Students hate doing this but are obliged to do so because if they don’t, they would fail.
Examinations – One of the major things that scares the students a lot. All of their fun and laughter would disappear when the examination days have come. Most students consider these days the worst days ever because of their parents forcing them to read, read and read.
Quizzes – These are short examinations taken during the end of the day for the teachers to know whether their students have learned something or not. Of course, students do not love quizzes that much because it forces them to stare at the teacher for the whole day and listen to what their saying even though the lesson is very boring. They have no choice.
General Cleaning – This is usually done weekly or monthly wherein the students help in maintaining the cleanliness of their classroom. The most affected students are the lazy ones that’s why they keep on making excuses to escape these moments.
Ceremonies – Standing for hours and forced to listen to the very long and boring speech of the principal, ceremonies are included to the students’ list of blues.
Terror Teacher – When this teacher enters the room, every one would be very quiet. Students hate terror teacher because of one thing, they are scary. These teachers are usually rude and fierce-looking. Because of this, students often call them names and make fun of them when they are not around.

Students love going to school but there are certain things that continuously give them problems like the ones I have listed above. Well, coping with those problems are not that bad. All you have to do is manage your time wisely so that you would have time to enjoy the day.


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