1. what makes me laugh is that bill gates stole the idea of your typical
    Microsoft programs… but I mean that obviously didn’t work apple is the
    worlds most valuable company and a title well deserved 

  2. After watching this interview its clear that Jobs is the Edison of our time
    and Bill is the Rockefeller. but both advertise themselves as Edison. Also
    if Steve was CEO of his company for apples entirety then i think bill would
    be irrelevant. 

  3. Microsoft… good devices, good software. Apple.. good devices, good
    software. But what I’m really interested in is… I wanna have one of these

  4. The comments here are infested with childish fanboyism. Ugh.. Anyways, this
    is one of my favorite interviews. It was good to see these two together and
    talk a bit of history and try to predict a little bit of the future. Does
    anyone know if there is a similar interview with Bill Gates and Woz? Would
    be fun to see.

  5. Bless both their souls for bringing us to where we are today in technology.
    R.I.P Steve. You will always be remembered. Hope to see you again some day
    on the other side with a few more of your brilliant ideas. :-)

    As for some of the nasty comments on here, it’s a real pity what the world
    is coming to. Wow! Some of your parents did a very very poor job teaching
    you to have just a bit of respect and decency. I hope you grow out of it
    and try to become better human beings, even if just a little bit. 

  6. 1:09:54 well that was emotional, that standing ovation was well
    deserved…simple moments of words but sums up a rivalry of business
    between friends in a couple words

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