Small Tips About Quick Make Up For Christmas Day


Small Tips About Quick Make Up For Christmas Day
The Christmas vacation is the most important prosperous time to dress up you. 2010 Christmas is coming, it is the time for you to consider the shopping list of Christmas party, including leather bag, shiny liquid eye-liner and so on.
Roger Vivier evening leather bag which is filled with luxuriance and fashion, with Party shining flavour brings atmosphere of great joy. French romantic pink De Luxe Frilly bags for dinner, use satin and silk as bag material, match with classic Roger Vivier (buckle) water diamond inlay buckle, elegant and touching gloss is luxurious and attractive, Diligence Splash evening leather bag, the main material is raw python skin, decorated with metal beads, a feeling as its name like a smoke light appears on the leather bag, the design of the bag shape is also full of spiffy sumptuous feeling. And classic PRISME leather bag is also made from raw python skin, match with satin and japanned leather material, a simple and modern design, absolutely the best representatives of the party.
Shining liquid eye-liner is different from general black or pure liquid eye-liner, shining powder not only makes eyes own bright fascinating liner effect, but also let girls become electric eyes beauties. Shining liquid eye-liner is always one of the requisite star color cosmetic for most girls, super gloss and beauty make you become a focus of the Christmas Party.
And how to use shining liquid eye-liner to create satisfied Christmas Party eyeliner makeup
First, effect of eyes bedimmed with tears: Draw shining liquid eye-liner at the down eyeliner, remember to smear down eyelash, seems like shining tears, boys cannot help generate tenderly love.
Second, effect of mysterious lingering charm: Only smear at double eyelid folds, appropriate amount shows super taste.
Third, shining Party effect: Smear large parts overstep eyelid folds, use some on eyelash, you will become the focal point of the Christmas Party.
Fourth, dream big eyes effect: Only draw at the first part of the eyes, which has the effect of enlarging eyes. 
Fifth, effect of peach eye charm: Only smear at the end position of eyes, along the lower end of eyes draw slightly up, beyond the end of the eyes, then attractive eyes are born.
Shining liquid eye-liner also can be used as lip contour pencil, smear a little at lips can catch people’s eyes immediately; the beauty can shock the whole audience.
Therefore, in your Christmas shopping list, leather bag and shiny liquid eye-liner are essential.

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