Sesame Street: Outdoors with Jason Mraz


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Andrew Ucles survived 67 days in the Australian outback solo – Ucles reflects back on how someone with limited resources and strong outdoor survival skills c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. This is a beautiful song, I’m glad that my school put this video for
    announcements and it just made my day, kind of 

  2. Luisa Lara Sprick on

    Sesame street es el rincón de la alegría y en cierto modo la fantasía de
    lograr un mundo ideal, me encanta, en medio de tanta violencia y maldad,
    nos recuerda que la mayoría de la gente es trabajadora, creativa y llena de
    cosas buenas. 

  3. I wish I could find this song without the muppets lol I had this on my iPod
    for a while and people just got creeped out by them

  4. Im a university student in america and I have the choice to do an summer
    internship in an office somewhere and “develop my career”, which i would
    find fulfilling and interesting. Or I was considering doing something like
    this. I want to live off the land in west or mid-west america for the
    summer probably by myself. My sister suggested i try to get an outdoors
    company to sponsor me so that i don’t have to spend money to do it. What do
    you think about this? My dads family used to do something like this in
    europe as a right of passage and I want to prove myself as a man. If i
    don’t try i feel like i will regret it and live unfufilled, but it is also

  5. Just wondering Andrew if your health was better after the 67 days in
    wilderness as you would have had no processed foods,etc? I learnt some
    shit off that vid and I am from QLD Bush town.

  6. kendra foerster on

    +Andrew Ucles if you ever see this comment, can you make survival tip
    videos? Everything you know would be very much appreciated!!! I wanna learn
    for when the time comes! 

  7. I was really hoping I could purchase your documentaries on your website.
    Hopefully that will be an option soon! 

  8. Gergely Nagyfugedi on

    Absolutely brilliant! I admire you! Thank You for sharing these beautiful
    video. I will go today camping with my mate, and I think I will share lot
    of thoughts with him regarding your videos on this trip. Greetings from

  9. Dude…you’re my new role model. Once I graduate college I am joining you
    on your adventures so get ready mate:D

  10. Andrew, love your videos. I wish we could see more footage from your 67
    days, but i guess it is hard to do when you don’t have a massive budget of
    a tv show and what not. I think it’s great though what you do, and i would
    love to get in touch with my wild side one day.
    And btw, i’m really surprised to find all the hateful comments on your
    vides. This youtube lot is really a sad one, living in a world of grocery
    stores and boxes with doors, people have lost such a connection with nature
    that they will hate someone for living in it. It is pretty weird. Love the
    videos though man, really really do!

  11. I don’t like Man vs. Wild but when I watch Andrew’s techniques I’m
    thoroughly impressed. What makes it good to watch is the amateurish nature
    of his productions. Don’t change that. As soon as you go professional
    you’ll lose all respect because the aim of the game is to make money.
    That’s what Grylls did and his style lost all credibility. It was more
    about entertainment and less about the raw skill of surviving alone…
    which is what Andrew is all about. Don’t get me wrong, Grylls has an
    amazing skill set but when it is smothered in money-grubbing, entertainment
    values, he loses my respect. 

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