Searching For a Cosmetic Dentist? Los Angeles can Give You The Best


Searching For a Cosmetic Dentist? Los Angeles can Give You The Best

Your dazzling smile can win many hearts. But if your teeth are misaligned or stained, even the most hilarious joke could not force you to burst into laughter. So if you are considering a smile makeover, visit a cosmetic dentist. Los Angeles boasts of highly rated cosmetic dentists who boast of a clientele comprising of the beautiful people of Hollywood.

How a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles enhances your smile

Whitening teeth

Although several over-the-counter tooth whitening products and home remedies are available for whitening the teeth, few of these whitening options can restore the natural whiteness of the discolored teeth. Moreover, frequent use of tooth whitening products without expert supervision may corrode the tooth enamel. Only an expert in cosmetic dentistry can give your teeth the preferred whiteness. Dental bleaching is safe and effective only when done by a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. With proper oral care, the bleaching can last for almost a decade.

Improving shape, size and color of teeth

Despite the best teeth bleaching treatment if you do not get the desired whiteness, you can ask your cosmetic dentist to conceal the stained tooth with dental veneers. The porcelain laminate dental veneers easily bind to the tooth covering stains, filling gaps, altering the position of a misaligned tooth and correcting other esthetic defects in the dentition.

Protecting and restoring weak tooth

To restore a weak or decaying tooth you should visit a cosmetic dentist. Los Angeles is home to highly rated dentists who can protect your teeth with dental crowns. The cosmetic dentist will cement a dental crown to a decaying, broken or a weak tooth to prevent it from loosening. Dental crowns are also used for disguising a dental implant and badly discolored tooth. They also help to support dental bridges. They are also used by dentists for protecting a tooth following root canal treatment. Different types of materials are used for manufacturing a crown. Your dentist will tell you whether an all-metal crown, all-porcelain crown or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown is most appropriate for your tooth.

Giving the restored tooth a natural appearance

Silver and gold were traditionally used for filling a tooth during a root canal treatment. However, these conventional filling materials gave the tooth an unnatural look. Realizing the importance of preserving the natural appearance of a tooth, the modern day cosmetic dentist have replaced the conventional filling material with white filling material that closely resemble the color and texture of the natural tooth enamel.

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