“Salary Negotiation: How Do I Do It?” with Ramit Sethi


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Part 1   How to find nth highest salary in sql

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  2. OMG! I just want to thank you! I followed your negotiating skills and
    procedures and it WERKS! I managed to get a lovely raise. Thanks again!
    This guy is LEGIT Y’all. 

  3. @ramit i am in a same situation non negotiable salary but they are offering
    me that, if you perform well in next six months we will re negotiate. but
    however they are not writing that down in my contract should i request them
    to do so or trust them on words i am confused.

  4. Charlene Hinton on

    Love it! Been reading Ramit’s free material since I was a high school
    senior. Can’t wait to use these techniques when I interview jobs post-grad.
    Until then, I’m learning all I can to build a foundation for living a rich
    life. Thank you, Ramit! 

  5. Do you think using creative ways to negotiate for instance. I want dinner
    for 2 every week in order to settle for a lower salary. “only said with
    more tack” Or the hours I work more flexible. Three books a month from
    Amazon….Its something I value– To them it may be an easy smart way to
    cope with a lower price for me….What say you? Am I delusional?

  6. Kannan Chandrasegaran on

    What should I do about jobs that explicitly ask for past salary? A lot of
    job ads explicitly say to apply with both expected and former salary, and
    I’ve been in a couple interviews where the interviewer did ask. It’s none
    of their business, but they’ve already asked, so what do I do? Refuse to
    answer? Lie and name a higher number?

  7. Just “hit those numbers and blow past them.” Right of course sir. The boss
    who shorted your pay will also give you a low number to “hit and blow right
    past.” We’ll call him Mr. Fantasy. 

  8. Michael Leading Horse on

    This is my idol and exactly why “I’m a top performer and I deserve to live
    an epic life.” has become my daily mantra/affirmation. Learn this stuff,

    Ask Ramit: Negotiating your Salary

  9. Prithwiraj Mukherjee on

    Ramit, here In India,the first question asked a recruiter on the first
    interaction( either by email, phone call ) to the candidate is “what is
    your present salary?” How should a candidate answer this question? Plz
    reply Regards Prithwiraj

  10. If that’s the case, then you wouldn’t be looking up videos on “Negotiating
    Salary.” You didn’t just magically appear on this video.

  11. one of my senior ask me how can we select particular record without using
    having and where clause.how can i solve this problem is that any

  12. Hi venkat your video tutorials are really helping me a lot and i am eagerly
    waiting for your asp.net interview questions tutorials,silverlight,wpf

  13. hi kudvenkat:Please help in loading a video for the question:
    There are 5 depts and each dept have random number of employees say
    now we have to update the salary of employee of each dept correspond to the
    highest salary of their respective
    dept salary 

  14. Mathews P Jacob on

    sir how to change ” top ‘2’ ” (dynamically – by user input value) using C#
    or how to change stored procedure sql query using c#…

  15. Hi Venkat, how to delete the duplicate records in a table?…..This is one
    of the most common question in face in the interviews.

  16. Chandrashekar B on

    Hi Venkat,

    What is the difference between fallowing two quires

    select * from t1,t2 where t1.c1=t2.c1
    select * from t1 inner join t2 on t1.c1=t2.c1

  17. +kudvenkat Really enjoy your videos. Please think about doing an advanced
    SQL series like your beginners series.

    Thanks in advance! 

  18. Dear sir what is the purpose of ldf file or transaction log and how to find
    duplicate data in SQL in more than one columns using having clause.

  19. Mridula Polina on

    Hey Venkat,

    how about filtering duplicates without using aggregator or checking sleect
    distinct box while importing the file?


  20. I think this kind of video would be very useful educational material.
    Thanks for all your efforts.
    Please please keep publishing some more such videos

  21. Ibrahim Mohamed on

    there is two tables student and course it is a one to many relation i need
    the students that have at least 3 courses in 2014

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