PVZ 2: ZEN GARDEN WARFARE! Pirate Seas Day 7 – 14 (Duddy Claus has a Cold Face Cam)


Duddy is not stopping until he uses all of his Zen Garden Boosted Plants! Even though he’s sick, he’s trying to finish up Pirate Seas & Wild West before the new world comes, let’s see if we…



  1. What will the new world be? I have just finished up every world and now am
    bored. The daily levels are good but don’t last long enough. So what will
    this world be and maybe when will it come out

  2. play angry birds transormers

  3. Feel better fgteev duddy! There is a horrible flu going around and I think
    I caught it. It is 5:08 in the morning and I can’t sleep so this passes
    time and is fun to watch!

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