Orca Incident In SeaWorld Orlando Killed A Female Trainer


Orca Incident In SeaWorld Orlando Killed A Female Trainer

On Wednesday February 24, an orca incident in SeaWorld park in Orlando, Florida happened and made a marine mammal trainer die. Information about the trainer has not been pronounced. However, president Dan Brown of SeaWorld stated that the victim of the incident was a senior female trainer.


The death was described differently. According to Victoria Biniak who witnessed the incident, the trainer was clutched by an orca just after she made her speech in front of spectators who were there to watch the public whale show. Meanwhile, spokesman Jim Solomons for the Orlando County Sheriff’s Office told that the incident happened when the trainer felt into the water tank. This reason seems to be so contradictory with what Victoria Biniak told. He described it as a tragic death.


According to Orange County Fire Rescue spokesperson John Mulhall, the trainer’s heart did not beat when emergency personnel reached the scene. He said that the death is under investigation and that all of SeaWorld’s operating procedures will be reviewed as well.


The whale, said Victoria Biniak, was a large adult male who was swimming fast under the water but suddenly shot up in the air and clutched the trainer by her waist.


David Dalton, another witness of the incident, told the WFTV news station that the show was stopped right way when the incident happened. According to the Orlando Sentinel, SeaWorld Orlando staffs evacuated visitors from Shamu Stadium area at that time; however, not all guests were evacuated.


Tilikum is apparently a wild-captured, rather than captive-bred, orca who also had some degree of involvement in the earlier deaths of two other humans. The Orlando Sentinel reported that the whale had previously been assumed to attack and kill a 27-year-old man named David Dukes of South Carolina in 1999.


Though former dolphin trainer Russ Rector said that staffs of the SeaWorld Orlando were made dangerous by the incident, marine mammal expert Nancy Black thought Tilikum just wanted to play with the trainer, not to hurt her.


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