1. Saniel Dingleton on

    I have some questions about walkers.. Wouldn’t they freeze during winter in
    the north? Is that why the show is sticking to the South? If a walker is
    stopped by damage to the brain would a completely frozen brain with every
    cell ruptured not be the most complete way to stop one? Their temperature
    seems to be low already so a sustained cold front with plenty of minus
    degree days would be plenty to freeze anything exposed to the limits. If
    the walkers are a virus and not a cruse or supernatural then if you were a
    survivor wouldn’t the best course of action be to simply hike up north and
    wait for the winter cold to kill all the walkers then just start over? You
    could just walk into the power plants and turn those puppies on and be
    living on easy street while the folks in the south dealt with the remaining
    walkers… Of course you’d still have to kill everyone who died of natural
    causes but I mean the walker population would be down 98% I’d think…

  2. TheHufflepuffCompanion on

    Yep, I stopped watching the show during its second season. There I said it!
    Season 1 was good. Season 2 was meh at its worst so yeah, I stopped from

  3. Victor Von Doom Jr. on

    A *Walking Dead* spin-off? About what? A rogue zombie gathers some fellow
    undead to hunt down warm bodies?
    A special forces team called “The Dead Legion” on a mission to cleanse the
    earth from Zed’s? Jennifer Love-Hewitt in a new TV show “The Zombie
    Whisperer”? Paul *Walker* in “The Dead & The Furious”?

  4. I haven’t read the comics so stop me if I’m wrong but isn’t the idea of the
    comics that it follows different characters stories that intertwine, so
    there for this shouldn’t really be called a spin-off, this is pretty much
    what the show should had been like when it started.

    Would had made it much more interesting for me so I didn’t need to spend
    several seasons with the same whiny idiots.

  5. Channing Beauchene on

    All I know is that at some point at sometime, somewhere I want to see Paul
    Monroe. I don’t want to hear any negativity about not wanting a gay
    character on the Walking Dead show. Jesus is a badass character and more
    diverse gay characters are always needed in my eyes.

  6. videogameobsession on

    The need to do a spin-off from the zombies perspective. I want to see their
    struggles. It can’t be easy being a walker… poor fellas. :(

  7. Patrick Melody on

    Look! All we need are zombie nets. Lots of zombie nets, to be shot out of
    zombie net cannons. What’s a zombie net? It’s a really big net… made of
    stuff zombies can’t bite through… that’s also insanely flammable.

    Is a crowd of zombies coming? That’s okay. launch the zombie net over
    them. After they all trip and fall, and get tangled in the net, blaze ‘em

    Or how about zombie tents? Lure all the local zombies into a gasoline
    soaked circus tent. Drop it on them. And set that bastard on fire.

    What about zombie marbles? Roll out a bag of marbles to trip the
    zombies…. then set their asses on fire.

    Zombie freshly waxed floor! Lure zombies into the local supermarket, after
    freshly waxing all the floors. When they slip and fall, set the goddam
    supermarket on fire.

    Zombie high-voltage dummy! Create a dummy out of scrap metal. Hook it up
    to insanely high voltage. When the zombies come to bite it… they will
    fry. And the electricity will flow through them, to all the other zombies
    they’re touching. And they will also fry.

    You don’t need a gun. 

  8. Jason Cummings on

    I stopped watching television right before season 1. At the time I was
    watching about 2 hours of television a week while spending over 60 dollars
    a month for cable. Eventually I tried watching again but not it all looks
    formulaic and kinda stupid. Anything I really want to see I can stream
    So (not to be a total poser Hipster) but I bailed after seeing the first
    episode on Netflix.

  9. They avoid the “trope” of what caused the zombipocalypse by presenting us
    with a never-ending series of kidnappings. A plot device they overuse to
    the degree that at the end of the last season EVERYBODY was in a state of
    “kidnapped”. Once they escaped from there, I kid you not we had two
    episoded between that, and the next goddamn kidnapping. The mid-season
    finale was rescuing two OTHER people from their kidnapping, which by the
    way was completely unrelated to the previous two kidnappings I already
    mentioned. If you are this far in and kidnapping is the only interesting
    thing to write about and revisit without mercy in a planet covered in
    zombies…you might not be a good writer.

  10. I love me some Walking Dead but has there ever been a good spinoff show?.I
    mean, like ever?. I just don’t want the franchise to be saturated to the
    point of no return. I’ll check it out but I have my doubts.

  11. I’d love it if the spin off characters and the original walking dead
    characters meet in some sort of way so both shows kinda merge 

  12. the walking dead show is “all right”, but I wouldn’t care if it was
    cancelled right now. It’s not something I really enjoy or look forward to
    seeing the next episode. It’s kind of boring to me. 

  13. Am I the only one who actually wants them to go further in depth with what
    caused the zombies? I feel like that could open so many windows. They can
    still keep the characters intereting

  14. Phillip Fisher on

    I’m all for a spinoff, but I’ve suddenly become very bored of the WD so I
    hope they do something different with it. I don’t just want more of the
    same with a new bunch of characters. Like one week they run into a bunch of
    psycho rapist bandits. The next week it’s an unhinged meglomaniac. Then
    some cannibals. Then an army unit or government department that’s built a
    little safe zone who are pretending to help people but really they’re up to
    some really sinister and evil shit. And so on.

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