New Politics – Yeah Yeah Yeah


New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah

Music video by New Politics performing Yeah Yeah Yeah. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment.

This educational clip from Robin Williams breaks down the last ten years of U.S politics and makes some very good observations. Taken from Robin Williams Wea…



  1. You guys are my new favorite band, heard you at monumentour hartford and I
    love you guys, I just remember your guitarist throwing his guitar 40 ft in
    the air and instead of catching it just throwing it on the floor

  2. Rainbow_Dashie5 on

    Honestly I’ve never heard of this band before tonight when I saw them in
    KCMO with Fall Out Boy, and Timeflies at Red White and Boom,but honestly,
    they really know how to get a crowd pumped and energetic! Loved every
    minute of it!

  3. Cassandra Stone on

    I saw them live with Fall Out Boy and Paramore and they were fantastic! I
    had never heard of them before and I’m so glad I did! 

  4. ToroidalVortexLove on

    People commenting on his explicit language and commenting on his suicide
    but I’ve not seen a single comment on the fact that every word he said was
    true. America used to arm Osama Bin Laden. Bush was an Idiot. Clinton got
    impeached for lying about a blowjob to a bunch of corrupt politicians who
    were probably all getting blowjobs. No, people want to criticise Robin
    Williams for swearing or committing suicide rather than praise him for
    seeing the truth. Which is probably why he committed suicide – cos humans
    are fucking shit sometimes.

  5. Conservatives are taking pleasure in the fact that Robin Williams was
    mentally ill and was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s and committed suicide.
    Yet these are the same people who go around claiming to be “Christians”,
    AKA “Children of God”? Talk about sick and mentally ill.

  6. I don’t always post political shit, but it’s fucking Robin Williams. Come
    on, it’s a must. Oh, and before we start with “oh, he’s a racist” let me
    say: I don’t care if we had a black,, hispanic, or asian president….I
    don’t like his political views. Yes, I didn’t vote but I still have an

    Robin Williams, you are my hero buddy. Not just for naming your daughter
    Zelda but for being exactly who you are. You are the man!

  7. Ramblin' Wreck on

    Worst depression inducing drug…it’s called “lifetime alimony” in which
    you pay for the drug well beyond the number of years you were even married
    to the woman.

  8. Debbie "angelheart" Lortz (aka fallen angel) on


    My favorites are all dead now :”(

    Lenny Bruce
    George Carlin
    Robin Williams

    RIP Guys I’ll see you again on the other side 

  9. Bitbrick Fatonus on

    Commentors, please remember that everything he said was both common
    knowledge and part of a stand-up comedy routine. This is neither an
    educational clip nor a serious political statement. It should be noted that
    he recounted the major events of the last ten years in a comedic way, and
    was not ‘making a political statement.’ Treat it for what it is, and stop
    being so quick to latch on to anything you perceive as political a
    statement congruent to your opinions. Also, I will ask everyone to please
    stop posting their asinine comments on the man’s tragic suicide, but you
    freaking blowhards’ll keep doing it anyway. Appreciate the comedy, not some

  10. The quote at the end was Ford, not Jefferson. A favorite Republican pastime
    is misattributing quotes to the founding fathers, it seems.

  11. Lauren Birdsong on

    Sad, sad, sad… Robin Williams died :( I’d like to remember him as Mork,
    Genie in Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dr. Kosevich, Ramon and Lovelace… and
    his stand up over the years <3

  12. To those who think the word is ok or ‘old’. It is when used for specific
    meanings. The way it’s used today was NEVER the intention of the word.
    And no, it isn’t an acronym. I HATE SNOPES, but they had a very
    informative response to that question.

    Now, here’s the issue. Our dictionary constantly adds words that are not
    even words, but slang used in our day and time. It does NOT make it a
    correct word to use. They put it in there just to show that it is in use
    and to give a ‘definition’ for it.

    Fuck along with cunt was put in the English dictionary in 1972. Hardly an
    old word.

  13. God would you people give it a rest?? its bad enough we all have problems
    hating on one another at home don’t need to bring it on here to.. If
    someone says something you don’t like just let it go or at lest be
    respectful to them and maybe they would learn something from the example
    you set of them in stead of falling in to a troll trap.

  14. Craig Ginsberg on

    This is by far the funniest and most clever comedy sketch I’ve ever seen.
    This man was beyond talented. He will be missed. RIP RW. 

  15. He had time and resources to create his comedy about other things but chose
    to shine light on societal issues that, (if leaders listened to) would be
    exposed to change. 

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