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Tonight, Savage breaks down the King’s State of the Union Address last night and delivers another great show. Enjoy! for the latest …



  1. Obama is a putrid piece of shit, and the only enjoyment I can take
    regarding obama, is knowing that he has to sleep with a pig ….I can`t
    imagine the smell when she is a room
    … if you pick a fight with Putrin…SEND YOUR DAUGHTERS TO WAR you low
    life person…..

  2. Marshall the pilot can write an intellectual theology book 1,000 pages long
    about the problems and ills of society and what will destroy it; I can sum
    it up with one verse of scripture: “He that hath the Son hath life; and he
    that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” 1 John 5:12

  3. Michael Savage is smart – but too full of himself to appreciate. Everybody
    is stupid except for him…
    But I couldn’t bring myself to watch this bullcrap speech myself. I wish I
    didn’t have to hear the sound bites here. Now I have to o vomit. O vomits
    voice nauseates me like fingernails scratching a chalkboard

  4. IIxxxMRBOBxxxII on

    Michael Savage will make good points sometimes but Americans must
    understand that he’s a Jewish puppet.Just like every other talking head in
    the media.Muslim countries are not your friend and neither is Israel.The
    Jews and Muslims want only what’s best for their people and ONLY their
    people.If you think that Israel is a friend to America please do some
    research and see that they’re not.Muslims want you to convert or die and
    Jews want you to be their servants.Muslims and Jews couldn’t care less
    about your well being!

  5. It seems everyone noticed Boehner behind Obama last night. What about
    Biden? Biden had a look on his face like he had a boner. Obama mentioned
    the trials and tribulations of the poor muslim people many times but I’m
    quite sure not once did he even say the word Christian.

  6. Phil Theez Bawz on

    Savage was kissing joanie ernsts balls a few days ago but I knew she wasn’t
    gonna do shit to make a change…politicians tell you what u wanna hear to
    get your vote

  7. Everything is so insane now days i don’t know what to do, i just feel numb
    to this stuff thats going on and no one has done anything about it…. My
    God has no one noticed? It’s few and lonely that can do anything, but
    anyone that does anything is better then nothing as long as it is the right


  9. So last week the hog castrator was America’s savior and after her State of
    the Union rebuttal, we see she is just an over rated hog castrator with a
    nice smile and no balls. The American dream is dead and the govt. is owned
    by the elite. Get over it…move overseas like i did, or shut up because
    nothing is going to change. NOTHING!

  10. Obama actually was clear since his first campaign. “Distribute wealth
    arround”, he said. Here are the steps he took: Obamacare even for people
    simply cannot afford modern and expensive, inflated treatment with mark up
    costs varying from 400-2000% (paid by higher taxes). Proposal of community
    colleges, highly inefficient and questionable results, paid by tax
    payers.That is not all. He authorizes millions of illegal aliens to take
    advantage of that. It is guaranteed millions more will continue to come
    attracted by all the incredible state sponsored benefits listed above. More
    importantly, illegals will vote to Democrats and perpetuate the party in
    power for next decades to come. This is the reality, wide open for
    everybody to see it and I am not making this up.

  11. What many don’t get, and Michael Savage seems to have gotten within the
    last few years, is that it is a One Party System at the top and has been
    thus since, at least, the 1960s. Barry Goldwater points this out within
    his memoirs “With No Apologies”. The Globalists or “Elitist”
    “Establishment” financing and controlling both parties have been entirely
    duped by the Communists in their attempt to control them. Ex-KGB official
    Anatoly Golitzyn, author of a very worthy book “New Lies for Old”, was
    entirely spot on when he states on page 278 – “The United States has been
    more and more disposed to “play hte China card.” The relationship with
    Communist China, initiated under Nixon and Kissinger and developed under
    Carter and Brzezinski, was carried to the point of military cooperation,
    under Reagan and Haig, with the intention of Building up China as a
    counterweight to the Soviet Union…..”

    PS: Dr. Savage, there is NO SUCH THING as a “Palestinian”…period, end,
    full stop! Please stop propagating this mythological antisemtiic
    fabricated lie. Kind regards and keep up the good work…

    PPS: If the President was arrested would not be Anarchy Dr. Savage…. Not
    at all. I believe it would be a good thing followed up by a RICO

    PPPS: Dr. Savage, Arabians have been doing this long before Islam. Dr.
    Mordechai Kedar was 100% correct when he made the comment about Judeans
    being productive in Jerusalem while the pre-Islamic Arabians were still
    getting drunk on wine and eating each other… something to that affect..

    PPPPS: I do hope Americans find their “American-ness” and start
    assassinating all of these criminal globalists within and behind POTUS.
    Start taking back your country. I’ll bet with almost 100% certainty the
    hirelings within all facets of policing and military services would back
    any American revolutionary movement….. Only the brainwashed or corrupt
    handlers or “bosses” would oppose such a movement….

  12. BlahBlahBlah55209 on

    Love Mike but unprotected talk could be the worst idea in broadcast
    history. If I hear one more caller chime in on stupid stuff like puppy
    dogs, I just give up. It didn’t work Mike. Hire a call screener and move
    on. There is too much going on in this nation to screw around with crap
    like this. 

  13. Harvey Weinstein is a perhaps the biggest piece of human garbage in
    Hollywood. Dishonesty, greed, and lust, Harvey is the whole package.
    Interesting thing is his appearance reflects his character.

  14. These FUCKING WOMEN remarks make me want to puke all over u MOTHERFUCKIN
    I LOATHE Hilary Clinton but if you pathetic scumbag, jerk off pricks havent
    been aware of how much you MALE CUNTS have FUCKED UP THE WORLD FOR GODDAMN
    FUCKING EONS you should just kill your stupid fuckin’ selves after reading
    this comment.

  15. People should start smoking cloves or menthol cigarettes so that there
    lungs can get ready to bleed all the time in terrorist zones. We should
    start dividing things into terrorist zones and American Zones. I would
    hate to be a terrorist in the middle east where all that oil is at. So
    many different ways to cause problems for anyone who is addicted to the
    black shit that comes from the earth whether that be oil or heroine. They
    do both make a’lot of money and the soldiers that wish to put themselves in
    danger for these resources shouldn’t be privately militarized troops. I
    would say maybe a quota based off of a countries population and size should
    dictate how many troops NATO sends to a battle zone. Also Countries in the
    NATO forces group should be of a population no less than 80 million people
    no more than 150 million people with no more than 14 countries in contact
    or at battle at any given time.

  16. metalheaded0117 on

    yes yes dont pay attention to the rising russian empire that has europe by
    the balls with its oil and natural gas and is making its own world bank
    partnering with china india and a few other countries and elected a leader
    thats ex KGB no pay attention to the bear trap you just got your foot out
    of the russians arent planning anything goyim honest

  17. IIxxxMRBOBxxxII . . . Quote . . . ”
    Michael Savage will make good points sometimes but Americans must
    understand that he’s a Jewish puppet.Just like every other talking head in
    the media”May I ask llxxMRBOB “WHO’S Savage’s puppet”?? WE ALL want to know

  18. Marshall, you hit the nail on the head! But MS would not let u finish,he
    didn’t understand what you were about to say, I understood it, and believe
    you are correct sir.1:51. Now listen closely….play it over til U get it.
    (Has the Phychie of a female) ah ha moment. Got it~

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