Managing Risk in Your Life and Family


Managing Risk in Your Life and Family

Life can be a balance of risk and reward, much of what we do in life is managing risk. You can drive a car as fast as you want, but at some point natural instincts kick in and you start to manage the risk of a fatal accident. At work we may challenge a manager to the point where you won’t be fired or reprimanded. Even with money we tend to think in terms of risk management, even those that seem to care very little about it normally reach a point where risking their last five dollars may mean no food.

In our homes we look to manage the risk faced by our families, perhaps we remove all sharp objects and breakable once a young child becomes mobile. We try and limit the amount of time or children spend on the TV or computer, what they watch and the risk that inappropriate material may have a lasting mark. We even look to secure the perimeter of the home by installing a burglar alarm, hoping that this new security system will prevent would be criminals from even attempting a break in.

However, almost all of us look to manage risk in our lives. In the case of the burglar alarm system we may not get one until we have been violated, thus that moment in time makes the risk too great.

There are certain things that dumb down our senses and make it difficult for us to manage even the most basic risk vs. reward scenarios. Things such as alcohol and drugs come to mind, however there are less obvious choices we make in life that limit our ability to truly see the risk. Take food and the lack of exercise, these two things in concert with a family history of cardiovascular disease can spell the ultimate risk which is death. But even that knowledge often is not enough to stop a person who has food addictions from managing risk.

Most things in life are not as simple as burglar alarms, which can be installed, activated, monitored and forgotten about. Balance and consideration throughout life and a constant reconsideration of risk values need to be done. Your family and you require the balance of those things which can provide the greatest risk and reward. Choose to consider all the rewards in your life and any potential risk you face in an effort to have a long and prosperous life.

Tab Pierce is an executive sales leader and security professional who has spent years as a serial entrepreneur. He has owned successful companies within eLearning, data management, telecommunications and others. He has also successfully assisted companies integrate sound sales processes into their organization.


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