1. Poker Face (Pastilan pasaway!) on

    excellent shot of this fantastic photo; and what a superb composition. a blessed day to you my friend.


  2. You nailed this one!!! I have seen so many shots of this, this one is one of the most creative yet!!! Great PoV, and it looks way cool!!!

  3. What a fantastic thing this is, I could not make it out from the thumbnail. Looks like a giant cupcake with sprinkles on it. Hey there you sweet thing

  4. Gardien de Phare on

    what an unusual point of view and realisation

    excellent presentation and composition

    very engaging and intriguing, drawing you in!

  5. lavernefrancis1971 on

    Thank you. I used this image as part of an assignment presentation I created addressing the ownership of stored data.

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