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Boost energy levels and immunity with seasonal superfoods
Is this cold winter weather having an effect on your energy level? "Winter Tiredness" is a real condition, and its's due to the limited amount of sunlight! Additionally, winter is prime time for colds and the flu, so your immune system is working in …
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6 Superfoods to Always Include in Your Grocery Cart
blogger Jessica Nadel's new book, Superfoods 24/7: More Than 100 Easy and Inspired Recipes to Enjoy the World's Most Nutritious Foods at Every Meal, Every Day has got you covered like UberPool has you for that penny-pinching friend of yours.
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7 Unique Superfoods To Eat This Year, Because Quinoa Can Get Boring
When it comes to healthy eating, we often hear about the latest and greatest superfoods. With the constant influx of new research, we are always learning about new nutritional powerhouses, so it's good to stay on top of all the unique superfoods you …
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