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How the Sun Could Make a New Batch of Planets
Planet-building is a task generally left to young stars, those that are only a few million years old and still surrounded by the gas and dust that gave birth to them. But astronomers using the Very Large Telescope just caught the first glimpse of a hot …
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Four new giant planets detected around giant stars
HIP8541b is the most massive of the newly found quartet of planets. With a mass of about 5.5 Jupiter masses, this exoplanet also has a much longer orbital period than the other three worlds, equal to 1,560 days. Its parent star is slightly more massive …
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A look into planet formation
Astronomers studied the new images of a young star taken by the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and said it reveals very early stages of planet formation. The scientists used the VLA to see unprecedented detail of the inner portion of a dusty …
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