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In wake of school threats, parents can help kids deal with fear
Within one week, three local teenagers were arrested for threatening to kill classmates and teachers, leaving many students afraid to walk through the doors of their high schools. “Students and parents are going to experience fear, trepidation about …

St. Louis County Has Shortage of Foster Parents
She says it can be hard, knowing how much the children miss their parents and that being a foster parent has opened her eyes to the problems that affects the community and the children. But St. Louis County is seeing a shortage in the number of people …
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Parents, schools dealing with chemical-resistant 'super lice'
“Parents would have a false sense of confidence and would think the kids are fine and send them back out in the community,” Sokoloff said about using over-the-counter shampoos to treat lice. “It was backfiring, using the chemicals, because if they didn …
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