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Two Surviving Spouses Represented By AARP Foundation Litigation Win
Washington, DC – Two plaintiffs represented by AARP Foundation Litigation have won a major victory in a case against the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that involved potential foreclosure and eviction on reverse mortgage loans.
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Jobless homeowners face Support for Mortage Interest changes
Homeowners who turn to help on mortgage payments after losing employment could be forced to give up a stake in their property under new rumoured proposals from the Government. Under the current system, unemployed homeowners can claim Support for …
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Oligarch Enclaves in London Opening to Bond Buyers: UK Credit
Buying a home in London's most affluent areas is becoming unattainable for anyone without a billionaire's bank balance. For those feeling squeezed out, a Swiss private bank is offering a side door to the market. The U.K. unit of Zurich-based EFG …
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American Capital Agency And Mortage REITs Post-Memorial Day Sale
It's not just high definition TVs and kitchen appliances that are experiencing a post-Memorial Day sale, but the entire Mortgage REIT sector. "Bloody Tuesday' saw the sector down about 4% across the board with some retail favorites like American …
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