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What a mom-daughter duo is doing to help people struggling with infertility
A mom-daughter duo has helped welcome 16 babies into the world over a three-year span with an organization aimed at supporting people facing fertility issues. At one point, the daughter, Nicole Lawson, struggled with infertility in the same way those …
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Savannah Mom: Add my family to the list of crime Statistics
“For something like this to happen so close to your back door, this isn't happening to people people you don't know anymore this is happening to people you do know,” said Holden's mom Candace Summerall. “It's neighbors, kids and that's the thing that …
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Meet Nina Keneally, the Rent-a-Mom for Needy Brooklyn Millennials
Aimed at millennials in and around Bushwick, where Keneally moved two years ago from suburban Connecticut, Need a Mom promises paying customers “mom help and mom advice” without the judgment or headache that frequently comes with both.
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