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OUR VIEW: Seeking guest columns
We're looking for more guest columns on this page. The differences between a column and a Letter to the Editor are a little nebulous. The most apparent one is that we run your headshot. And we know how much of a joy that can be, having your mug …
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Washington Post: Zakaria columns 'problematic'
In the new report, Our Bad Media encourages the Post to correct six columns in which Zakaria borrowed material from other sources without proper attribution. That report came after Newsweek added corrections to seven of Zakaria's columns last week …
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Though he is president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan keeps dominating the daily political agenda. In nearly all of his speeches he makes some suggestions that disturb the world of highbrows or remarks that quickly become the main topic of conversation on …
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A trumpet sounds in Jerusalem
The ancient Jews used the shophar, or a ram's horn, to call Israel to battle or to worship. Synagogues around the world still use it for ceremonial religious occasions. For many Muslim Palestinians, until recent years a notably secular people, the …
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