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The celebrities' guide to social media
Jacob Shwirtz is a Personal Chief Digital Officer for different celebrities. He was formerly the Chief Social Media Officer at Endemol Beyond and before that he oversaw social media for Viacom. Shwirtz is also a member of the Found Remote Council. You …
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French archives contain Nazi and resistance war files on celebrities
The French secret services also had files on celebrities they deemed suspicious. Designer Coco Chanel's file includes a note written in Paris in November 1944. “A source in Madrid informed us that Madam Chanel was in 1942-43 the mistress and agent of …
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Pokémon GO: What if Celebrities Were Gym Leaders?
Hear me out here. In the Pokémon universe, gym leaders are celebrities. So it makes sense that celebrities in our world would be Pokémon gym leaders, right? MoviePilot has put together a collection of images from Imgur user JayDeloria showcasing what …
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