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Basu: Beauty pageant finally apologizes to Williams
The apology was 30 years in coming, and was offered by someone who wasn't even responsible for the offense. It didn't explore the reasons for the mistake. But at least the current CEO of the Miss America pageant did apologize to Vanessa Williams on …

Career criminal and beauty queen to appear on Winning Streak
A career criminal and a beauty queen are due to appear on Winning Streak on Saturday. Edward Hutch is the nephew of notorious gangland figure Gerry Hutch and has notched up nearly 200 convictions. The Evening Herald revealed that he is scheduled to …
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The Beauty of Awareness
“We marvel at the dance of the viewer as they move toward the artwork captivated by the beauty and then recoil in astonishment when they recognize that it is composed of plastic debris and then wonder: 'Could that toothbrush once have been mine …
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