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Environmentalists fear Americans will ruin Cuba's biodiversity
But environmentalists and scientists are worried about the huge new influx of visitors expected when travel restrictions are lifted for all Americans. “The concern is that there will be too many [tourists],” Struck said. “If the doors are flung wide …
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As prices tumble, Americans are eating a lot more beef
After decades of diners shunning steaks and burgers for healthier protein options such as chicken and turkey, Americans will eat an estimated 54.3 pounds of the red meat this year — the first increase since 2006 and almost half a pound more per person …

What Americans Really Think about Free Trade
One was a Gallup poll published last month, which found that a majority of Americans — 58 percent — see foreign trade as an economic opportunity. Just 33 percent said foreign trade was an economic threat. The share of respondents who are optimistic …
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Clinton: Americans Should Put Court Nomination at Forefront
Hillary Clinton wants voters to consider what Republican front-runner Donald Trump might do to shape the Supreme Court. Clinton planned to use in a speech in Madison, Wisconsin, on Monday to argue that Trump could roll back the rights of individuals, …
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