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Love in times of scarcity
Prices range from VEB 650 to VEB 1.900, depending on the brand and on whether condoms come in 3-packs or 6-packs.On average a pack of condoms sells for the equivalent of one tenth (10%) the country's minimum monthly wage of VEB 11,578. Condom …
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Directors Vineet Sinha and Sean Graham to make 'Ramayana' in english
With a six-pack to go with his new screen avatar, Himesh sleepwalks through the role of a sharpshooter who pulls out the stops to free his sweetheart (debutante Farah Karimaee) from jail. The girl has been caught with drugs by the Dublin police in a …
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Mophie's newest battery case makes your iPhone 6 Plus waterproof
Known for its lack of waterproofing, you wouldn't want to take your iPhone with you to the shower or outside when it rains. Mophie wants to change that with its Juice Pack H2Pro battery case for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus. As its name implies, the …
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