1. UPDATE: WHAT?! 1 Million?! Love you all.

    Wow. You guys keep blowing our minds. 60,000 likes. over 20,000 comments
    and over 1,000,000 views on the first episode of our new show. Thank you,
    seriously, you don’t how much that means to us to see you guys watching.
    – Benny & Rafi

  2. Brain.. let ‘em eat brain.. sheep’s brain..
    it’s eatable..
    or was it cow’s brain..

    it’s gross :D but i have a recipe for some kind of a sauce.. and it makes
    it awesome :D 

  3. Glenda Hernandez on

    ~ REACT

    You guys are the best and number one!!! Make them eat shark find soup or
    rabbit or frog legs there both safe to eat and taste really good….. To me
    they do!! I think you guys should try it too hahaha I’d like to see that!!!

    Your awesome and supportive
    Friend Glenda Hernandez 

  4. In Mexican culture, cow’s tongue, known as “lengua” (tongue), is quite a
    common dish. We serve it with salsa and various spices and it’s delicious!

  5. I think you should make them eat tiny grapes. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THERE

  6. I’m absolutely not letting my kids eat anything but natural food and lots
    of beef until they’re like 10. bc god I would be ashamed if they reacted
    like this to food omfg. 

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