1. teacher is kyoshi use sensei when you are taught by kyoshi i think? or
    someone with higher skill or something advicing you or teaching you

  2. Engineer in Japanese is エンジニア (enjinia). Please check out our video review
    notes to learn more occupation vocabulary (◕ω◕)/♪

  3. It is! There are multiple words for teacher, but there is a slight
    difference between them. To find out more, please read our video review
    notes! The link is in the description! (◕ω◕)/♪

  4. Catarina Barros on

    Great video! I have a question. In the end of the video, sensei says
    something in japanese. I think it’s: “それでは、次の授業でまた会いましょうね。”. Am I right?

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