Is Buckwheat—Aka Grechka—The Next Big Gluten-Free Superfood?


Is Buckwheat—Aka Grechka—The Next Big Gluten-Free Superfood?
Every time I take a trip to Eastern Europe, I come down with stomach issues. The oil-soaked food has a knack for throwing my body into a low-energy, light-headed funk, eventually forcing me to live off of cups of kefir, a fermented milk drink full of …

Is Congealed Pig's Blood Really a Superfood?
But what about this superfood claim? In January, the Daily Mail reported that black pudding can justifiably be labelled a superfood, mainly due to the fact that it's low in carbohydrates and high in iron. Black pudding manufacturers the length and …
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Debunking Superfood
Kale, wild salmon, açaí berries, avocados and green tea are a few notable superfoods that most people are familiar with. But what exactly is a superfood? Calling something a superfood implies that it is nutritionally dense, beneficial to health and …
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