1. Thanks Phil! I graduated from college a year ago and not really happy with
    a day time desk job. I’ve been working since I was 16 so I a passion for
    working. I’ve decided to attend a pre-licensing course in my state and
    starting a full time career in real-estate WHILE continuing to work my day
    time job for a positive cash flow. I’ve saved up enough money to buy a
    small home for cash. Would it be smarter to buy one home for cash or use
    that money and finance two homes?

  2. Charles Woodears on

    Can you please make a more in depth video on the 1031 exchange topic, on
    how to turn 1 property into 2? Thanks Phil 

  3. Rajiv Ramlogan on

    Im currently starting off, but I feel more safe with the Traditional
    Investing simply because I see people do it everyday here, after a few
    deals I will go into the creative investing. I need to build a good team,
    e.g. good lawyers, mortgage people etc. Any advice on finding these people?

  4. Is it safe to assume that buying land for a development is for more
    experienced investors?
    I’m assuming its expensive for the infrastructure.

  5. Hey phil, I am very interested in investing in real estate. I am only 20
    years old and im looking for a good mentor. Do you have any suggestion on
    where to find one?

  6. Brandon Zimmerman on

    Another awesome video Phil. I’ve gone through almost your whole library and
    am currently in the middle of your online real estate course. Appreciate
    all your info and knowledge especially because I can use most of your tips
    in Canada

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