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Chock-full of oats, seeds, nuts, and fruit, chewy granola bars make an ideal breakfast, midday snack, or fuel for your next outdoor activity. happens to come…
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Baked samosa recipe, Indian style famous quick,easy vegetarian starter/appetizer/snacks recipes, aloo/ vegetable/veg samosa recipes is the best tea time evening snacks kid recipe. This baked…
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  1. Professionally Panda on

    That cliche/annoying moment on a food commercial, when that certain
    individual takes a *MICRO* size bite of the food….can we all just take a
    moment…and realize how UN-REALISTIC that is! Haha. I dunno..I just
    thought that was quite funny!

    Love- Mary

  2. Professionally Panda on

    Am I the only one that got an extremely un-easy feeling when she failed to
    dump all of the dried fruits in the bowl….I mean no offense but *little*
    things like this….make me *slightly* agitated….and what if that fruit
    was wasted…Urrrm I HOPE IT WASN’T!

    Non the less, they look yummy!

  3. Cristian Rodriguez on

    The fact that something may not be said to have protein does not mean that
    it is unhealthy. Life is about balancing it all: Protein takes away the
    calcium of our bones and that is why we need vitamin D to fix that calcium.
    Don’t get “sick” about protein since not all of them are the same… Sugar?
    What does your brain use as fuel? Glucose (Sugar). Fat? What is your body’s
    energy? Fat. (Just make sure to use the proper one. The fruits mentioned on
    this video are reach in fiber and the actual oats are great resources for
    fiber. Your colon is going to be greateful!

  4. Let's Be Foodie on

    Who can say no to these baked samosas? These samosa are very light, crispy
    and delectable. Low calories snack for everyone. No frying/less oil/ low-
    fat recipe.

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