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Try not to go more than four or five hours without eating. Learn more about proper healthy snacking with tips from a certified nutritionist in this free heal…

Healthy Eating: Growing Natural Healthy Hair Just some tips on how I keep my hair healthy and growing by eating healthier. OPEN HERE ♥ Growing Long Natural C…



  1. why would i need scientific evidence to disprove something that has never
    been scientifically proven? I never said I beleived that everything
    happened in randomness so stop assuming things. the truth is no one on
    knows where life or the earth came from and no one knows what happens when
    you die. religions make claims that they know exactly the answers to these
    questions. but since there is absolutely no evidence for the radical
    claims, science does not approve of religions

  2. here is an exercise for you, assuming your christian, without the bible,
    directly prove to me that there is a god. now once you fail that exercise,
    tell me why the bible has any credibility. in other words why should anyone
    believe anything that the bible says.(even putting aside all its historical
    and scientific fallocies) why should ANYONE beleive the bible. and if your
    not christian, just apply it to whatever goofy story book your religion

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  4. What’s with all the religion comments???? This is a video about friggin’
    healthy snacks!!!! My gosh, people are sooo weird…. By the way, thank you
    sooo much for the snack tips. I’m switching over to health foods ever since
    I saw Food, INC. and I was looking for something good to replace potato
    chips. Haha XD

  5. “Exactly, my point”-what point? you never made one. “Religion has both, YOU
    simply DO NOT WANT to TEST, NOR do you want physical proof of the claims.”
    religion has never proved its claims. NEVER. if they have, then present
    them to me. present proof of gods existence or of hell or heaven or of any
    of there radical claims. like i asked before, what gives the bible
    credibility? i already defended why science has credibility. now defend
    your source.

  6. If you really want to help people!! Wasnt it better to tell people which of
    these infront of you are Gen. manipulated Poisen, Or maybe why most of the
    fruits people are buying today is Eradiated!!!? You dont believe me. Buy
    some fruits and then take them home and see how long time it gets for them
    to get old!!!! Eradiated Fruits, meat, FOOD are so poiseness that even
    bacteries wont eat them. Even the Fly’s dont sit on them …. Isnt it time
    for people to know these things….!!!!

  7. Because i eat large amounts, a snack would normally be a scrambled egg, on
    2 wholegrain slices of toast. So, im not sure it would fill me up

  8. @28kb you get tired you; if you had something high in sugar just before
    your blood sugar goes down then you will want something high in sugar
    again, which starts of the weight gain cycle. there is an excellent
    explanation by a youtuber called underground wellness.

  9. Every day my diet consists of the following: Please let me know what you
    think Porridge, 2 apples, banana, brazil nuts, wall nuts, licorice bar,
    nutrigrain barsome carrot, 1 orange, blueberries A sandwidge consisting of
    (2 slices of brown bread, tomato, lettuce, lean beef slices, 2 slices of
    low fat cheece) An averge sized dinner which normally varies between
    1(potatoes OR rice OR pasta), 2(brocolli, brussel sprouts), 3(lasagna,
    chicken stir fry, meat) and a good amount of water.

  10. TheYohannaBanana on

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  12. uroriginallova on

    fifth day hair??? girl, it could be second day hair lol, let’s just say you
    don’t wanna see MY FIRST DAY HAIR lmao

  13. Lol. It’s cool. I mentioned the types of meat in the video, but here they
    are again. Lol. Fish, turkey, chicken and very few times beef. Thanks for
    watching. :)

  14. We have about the same length hair but yours have so much shape. Do you
    have a deva cut or was it cut into layers while straight?

  15. JennaBeingJenna on

    Omg you are my new favorite person. Hair crush! Your healthy lifestyle is
    also a major plus. Please do more videos on this topic. Maybe show how you
    prepare some meals, a typical day of your meals, skin care, etc. I’d love
    to see those kinds of things from you!

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