Governor's Office: Collier investigation is "criminal"


Governor's Office: Collier investigation is "criminal"
The letter says in part, "your request relates to an ongoing criminal investigation, and for this reason documents are not required to be produced." The letter goes on to explain that ALEA would be the "proper custodian" of the review. FOX10 News …
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Oakland: Criminal proceedings to begin for man charged with three cold case
OAKLAND — After more than two years of psychiatric evaluations that deemed him mentally competent and other continuances, a 49-year-old former bartender and registered sex offender will face criminal prosecution in the killings of three women in …
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How to be a Successful Criminal in Los Angeles
Turns out there's a reason so many Michael Mann movies are set in Los Angeles—it's a city that offers fascinating opportunities for criminals and cops alike. Architecture writer Geoff Manaugh's new book, A Burglar's Guide to the City, details the ways …
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