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Gamer Reflex

There are many people concerned about the diminishing capabilities of present day children especially on physical and social interaction skills. Many factors are blamed for this decline; pop culture, media and technology, most specifically videogames. The gaming industry has been bashed time and time again because they are reportedly decreasing the overall competence of a person when they take their gaming lives too seriously. But somehow, when taken to a more technical approach, it reveals that games are not the prime suspect for skill deterioration, it just took the full brunt of society’s criticism. Still though, there may be a chance to change the public’s view about this. Many videogames today often utilize systems that would heavily rely on the player’s reflex capabilities. This is mostly seen extensively on casual games including Flash games and sometimes on mainstream games.

Game systems that contain the aforementioned traits include the God of War franchise that utilizes correctly timed-button presses in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Casual games that use similar methods include titles such as Astroflyer from the skills games tournament site where the player is challenged to go through a number of stars in order to gain scores. These particular games really stress the importance of focus and watching out for every prompt to push a button to accomplish something. The reflexes of the player are strained and tested in many angles, therefore training the individual in terms of reaction time. IQ challenges in casual games also serve a similar purpose, thus videogames actually do help when it comes to facilitating skills development.

And since we are talking about skill games or certain type of applications that aims to test the abilities of the player in terms of reaction time and intelligence, it should be noted that most of these games are also held on skill games tournaments with a considerable cash prize involved. Without a doubt, these could be compared to athletic competitions and is not gambling of any form even when there is money involved. We return to which is a particularly good example of this. It holds tournaments in order to determine who is the fastest, smartest and most skilled in various games and awards the most dedicated and patient among the competitors of the contests. Other sites do offer the same thing but they are not as good as

So in conclusion, videogames may help develop reliable skills if channeled properly through the system and it’s up to the player if he or she wants to enhance it even further. It can be generally assumed that some people may be pointing at the wrong culprit when it comes to the recent deterioration of abilities happening to kids all around the society. So play on, there are plenty of games that could facilitate an unbeknownst skill in some individuals especially when casual games. It is just a matter of having set boundaries to oneself so they don’t get overboard on what they are doing.

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