1. I like ‘excuses’!! Sounds so dark! Cant wait for the full album to be out!!

  2. isabelnecessary on

    if this is the reason why collapsedone wasn’t in any way involved in GOT7’s
    Identify, then I forgive JYP. seems like G.Soul and & collapsedone are a
    match made in soul music heaven. Can’t wait for this!

  3. I absolutely love when artists compose their own songs. It’s so much more
    personal and it helps fans really see the artist and their talents. Stars
    and idols can always be manufactured, but true artists are one of a kind.

  4. You here about all these artistic idols from YG and all these other
    companies. People look at JYP as the idols who’s CEO writes everything for
    them. But when these idols do start writing their own music (because
    eventually JYP does release them into the wild) it’s more original and
    creative then almosy anything you see in kpop

  5. This is really my cup of tea.. Since i love soulful n RnB music so much.
    That’s why when the 1st time i’m into Kpop world YG n JYP caught my
    I must say that u’r voice is such eargarms.. I’m glad the processed u took
    made u into this gold.
    I can’t wait for it release.. ^^
    Ah.. n i realized by now that’s why collapsedone in NY with u back then, i
    thot he has vacation.. lol
    Ps : Next time make sure to have duet with Yerin cz u’re both have typical
    voice n it will blow me away.

  6. JYP you took this man out the dungeon and I’m glad. This album sounds boss.
    My friend has known him for years and is leaping with joy over his debut
    finally happening and I’m excited as well. Excuses and that last track (I
    didn’t catch the title as I walked away for a second) are about to be my

  7. Medley pour les débuts de G.Soul

    Il ne reste que 4 jours et l’artiste G.Soul va pouvoir débuter après 15 ans
    d’attente sous la JYP Entertainment.
    C’est donc un medley du mini-album “Coming Home” qui nous est présenté,
    avec les six pistes “Coming Home”, “Superstar”, “You”(titre phare), “1st
    Love”, “Excuses” et “One More Time”

    A savoir que c’est G.Soul lui-même qui a composé et écrit les 6 titres u_u


  8. EXO-K&M StudioSounds on

    Probably not the only one, I’m literally tearing up. Haha. My lvoe for
    music is extremely strong, so when I hear good songs, it hits me in the
    nerves & my eyes starts tearing. That’s when I know good music, & Listening
    to this really amazes me. This was the man that JYP saw extreme talent in.
    JYP made the right choice, then again, when hasn’t JYP not make a good
    choice? All JYP Artists have never disappointed me before. Proud of JYP &
    his artists, & I already know I will always be proud of G.Soul as well.
    Can’t wait for this debut! :’)

  9. I’m so excited for his debut. I’m in love with his voice, and it kinda
    reminds me of The Weeknd voice.. Really beautiful. Just release it already,
    JYP! ✨

  10. G.Soul is like the last pokemon you saved bc it’s so rare lol
    His voice is so unique sounding, & it honestly gave me chills, especially
    the 2nd track “Superstar”
    He’s definitely gonna turns heads once his album drops 

  11. Damn. His voice is soothing to the ears. I’m glad he’s finally debuting.
    And I’m so thankful to JYP for letting G.Soul decide when he was ready to
    debut. I can’t wait. I hope hlyou make an impact in Hallyu.

  12. Woaahh this music style sounds fresh and different with other kpop artist!
    Though I like JYP’s song, but I am so relief the whole album is written and
    composed by G-Soul him self, not always by JYP. Hope G-Soul make big hit in
    the Kpop Industry!

  13. I can’t remember the last time I was so in love with an entire album just
    by listening to the teasers. The songs sound so new and fresh

  14. Kristele Jurado on

    Hold up! The first 30 second just had me I’m chills! Wow….teary eyed and
    all. So gotta buy this when it comes out 

  15. I seriously like all of the songs and it’s the first time that i actually
    listen to an album’s spoiler and love every single snippet… such a shame
    that they’re isn’t much promotion or marketing for G.Soul’s debut and album.
    You can have the best songs in the world but it doesn’t get the recognition
    it deserves simply because people don’t know or don’t care about it…. and
    this is making me so sad :(
    Anyway i hope that despite the lack of noise both G.soul and his album get
    recognized for what they are, which is an excellent artist, and his
    masterpiece of an album. Fighting! and best of luck

  16. Omg this is so good, I have expected it to be good but I didn’t expect it
    to be THIS good. Omg I don’t know what I’m talking about omg so happy and
    excited for this album! collapsedone is really the best JYPE could ever
    have T.T 

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