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It’s DAY 10 of my Fitness Takeover Month. Today I reveal what I’ve honestly been eating for the last 7 days. I’ll be doing this all month so let me know what you think please? Enjoy! *OPEN…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Love this video!! Can you do a video about your daily routine (including
    workout)? I’m just wondering at what time of day you work out and what kind
    of workout you do, as you seem to have a really fun and busy life and I
    want to know how you juggle it all! :) Would be really cool to watch xx

  2. I know that this fitness takeover month must be a lot of work but I want to
    say a big thank you because this is soooooo motivated!

  3. starlyn ragland on

    Wednesday – egg white and bread with avocado and thurday- egg white with
    trucks bacon and Friday plane oat meal and Saturday plane oat meal with
    fruit and at work pizza and dinner Panda Express with chicken and veggies
    and rice.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for this video! Lately I’ve been stuck in a rut eating
    the same thing but now after watching this video, I feel inspired to branch
    out and try these recipes!! Thanks again!

    P.S Your shirt is gorgeous! Where did you get it?

  5. Wahida Abdulsamad on

    I wished i like Rye bread but I can’t. Ryvitas all the way :) and had my
    first sins today – birthday cake couldn’t resit.

  6. Yanno what’s super nice? You eat normal treat foods as well, you’re not
    pretending to be perfect (although you’re pretty damn close!) and that’s
    such a comfort to someone just finding their way on their fitness journey!
    LOVE YOU AJ :*

  7. Cynthia Gonera on

    Have to say Im pleasantly surprised…that was actual yummy food..looked
    filling too. When I think diet/healthy eating I imagine a simple boring
    salad for lunch and dinner aka rabbit food lol, but this just gave me
    inspiration! Im allergic to egg so I’ll stick to fruit/granola yoghurt
    combos etc. Thank you though really enjoyed that..looking forward to
    watching your other vids

  8. Katie Ahronson on

    I’m so glad that you were honest, especially ‘daily sins’. I eat healthily
    but still indulge in similar things☺️

  9. If I tell you what I ate last week you will pass out. However, as of
    yesterday I have been following the Alkaline diet. 

  10. Thank you all for the support and the inspirational messages you guys sent
    us! WE LOVE YOU ALL. Please share this video to spread awareness 

  11. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Please
    SHARE & give this video a huge thumbs up for spreading love

  12. This shit again? This is like the second time I’ve seen a video with this
    retarded ass “social experiment” … you are only doing this to promote
    your channel you cunt.

    If any of you came by asking me for a slice, I’d tell you to get the fuck
    away too. It is pretty obvious that you are more than capable of affording
    your own fucking pizza judging by your appearance.

    “PLEASE share this video spread awareness”
    LOL get the fuck out. You’re some clever motherfuckers.

    This video is retarded as fuck.

  13. Ai Awlda? | ඇයි අවුල්ද ? on


    මොකුත්ම හිතන්න එපා.නිදහසේ බලන්න..

    ✔ +1 ✔ Comment & ✔ ѕнαяє

  14. this is what i hate about people, the people that have something cant share
    it but the people that doesnt have anything can share it. Homeless people
    are more generous than rich/normal people.

  15. BurpAtTheMoonAtNoon on

    First: I agree with the message this video sends, and I do not wish to
    sound sarcastic or rude.


    I work my ass off all day, I work hard for my money, when I get payed after
    my shift is done, and I have to buy my breakfast at 6pm (yeah, not everyon
    gets a lunch-break), I am going to EAT IT, anyone who wants a bite can go F


    If I get a paid lunch after or during work, I treat it as a gift, then if
    someone walks up to me and asks for a bit, I’ll get a spoon and let him
    have it, I wouldn’t even mind parting with half of my portion, because I
    didn’t pay for it with my sweat and blood.

    Thanks for reading,
    Gretings from a European waiter.

  16. Thank God I am in Saudi Arabia
    A country where generous people life
    No one sleep if his neighbor is hungry
    This is what we learned by our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

  17. Kolbjørn Stjern on

    *Social Experiment! – This video is absolutely worth watching, and I hope
    you all do!*

    I was “sold” after watching this clip and I know thre are more ppl like me
    who will get touch by this one. Have a good night friends :)

    (Social Experiment)

    This video made me realise, yet again, how we must never discriminate
    people on the basis of age, appearance, beliefs, social class status, race
    nor sexual gender.

    Sadly, we have transformed ourselves into “Jury, Judge and Executioner”,
    perpetually “never tasting our words before we spit them
    out”…condemnation of the stranger, condemnation of an “outer shell”.

    Herein lies the irony…the accuracy in judgement lies within the quality
    of the Rectitude of a ‘stranger’…THE CONDITION OF HIS HEART?
    Begrudgingly noticed by his compulsive, narcissistic ‘Adversary’, this
    Pompous, Supercilious & ,yes, ludicriously unnecessary Judgement is
    “passed” on an innocent “some-one”…a “deadly verbal blow more swift than
    a Samurai Sword.”
    Self-loathers and hypocrites they remain, utterly intractable!

    The Stranger, perhaps possesses an unparallel Rectitude depicted by his
    Pure and Clean Heart…however, in the eyes of the ones wagging their
    fingers and their tongues in disdain, their hearts are filled with all
    things treacherous and dispicable!

    A “fallen society”…we, ourselves, have brought down the “walls of wisdom”
    and replaced them with Ignorant Stupidity!

  19. Thara` Karadhana솜ㄱㅁ` on


    මොකුත්ම හිතන්න එපා.නිදහසේ බලන්න..

    ✔ +1 ✔ Comment & ✔ ѕнαяє

  20. Tisto mokhtarovic on

    thanks god iam an ALGERIAN , thanks god for ISLAM , thanks god………
    this homeless man pushed my tears out , shame on you americans

  21. nabeel Almesbahi on

    شئ جميل الاسلام يعلمنا ان نكون مثل هذا الشخص نعطي للمساكين والله يرزقنا من
    غير حساب
    اشكرك على هذا الفيديو الرائع

  22. Paolo Lagadari on

    Regala a un senzatetto della pizza, quello che fa lui dopo è davvero
    Questo esperimento mostra senza ombra di dubbio quello che probabilmente
    molti sanno già: spesso chi possiede di meno è anche più propenso a donare.
    Le persone per strada si erano mostrate indifferenti alla richiesta di cibo
    di questo ragazzo, mentre un uomo in gravi difficoltà economiche non ha
    esitato a condividere il suo pasto.

  23. jigsaw Hightower on

    You know what’s sad…. People who look like upper middle class and middle
    class people can’t share a measly 2.00 slice but a man without a home is
    instantly willing to give up half his dinner to a random guy…for us a
    slice is basically a snack for him it’s breakfast lunch and dinner

  24. TheGreat GrayGray on

    The people u ask only have 1-2 slices and the homeless person has a whole
    pizza. That may be a reason why they don’t give it to you

  25. Hate me or not but I’m sick of these kind of shit. Yeah ofcourse helping
    people especially strangers and homeless people nothing wrong with that .
    But to even put it in the fkn internet so the world can see the good deed
    you have done (to make money for the views you get) is just not acceptable.
    You’re basically using them to earn money . Wow people nowadays especially
    youtubers who does social experiments like this. Yea I am probably not
    making money out of youtube and yea there’s nothing wrong helping the one
    in need but I don’t put it up in the internet so people can watch and make
    $$$ just because I have used somebody . kthanksbye. 

  26. Fernanda Garza on

    It’s sad that people don’t see the message. The point is that the person
    who can afford stuff didn’t share what they have, and the guy asking looked
    like he could afford food. He then asked the homeless and said yes and
    shared, the guy was wearing the same thing looking exactly the same and yet
    the homeless guy still said yes. It’s sad people don’t fucken see the
    message to this video.

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