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  2. i cant even imagine combining these two people…. one is on a totally
    different level that the rest of human beings. The other is a guy who
    never really did anything himself but was apparently good at getting really
    talented people to do it for him… and sorta an ass hole. 

  3. BacksteinEntertain on

    Wow I have 2 Quotes on my wall 1 What if money was no object 2 You’ve got
    to find what to love and that’s as true for work as it is for you’re
    lovers. It is so amazing that I found that Video that combined in my
    opinion the greatest speeches of all time!


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  5. Chad Shellabarger on

    Just wanted to stop by and take the time to say thanks for putting these
    videos together. You’re helping us all more than you know.

  6. rachael campbell on

    “Believing that the dots will connect down the road, will give you the
    confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn
    path, and that will make all the difference.” -Steve Jobs

    Wow, I’ve got spine tingles listening to this video clip, so incredibly
    moving hearing Steve Jobs and Alan Watts share wisdom on following your
    heart. And it’s even more relevant (and possible!) today than ever.

    ‪#‎wednesdaywisdom‬ ‪#‎rachaelcampbell‬

  7. Great video, was truly touched by it both as an entrepreneur and an
    individual. funny how you may speak badly about Steve Jobs but most you are
    doing it while holding his gadgets, no body is perfect deal with it and
    before telling someone their shoes are untied check your own 1st

  8. We have desires because we lack something in our lives. Much like our
    hunger and need to eat when our stomach is empty.
    Everyone deserves complete fulfilment – I hope this helps you fold back the
    layers in uncovering yours 

  9. Benjamin Morfin on

    This video is refreshing..! Thanks for publishing it, it simply makes my
    perspective of life change and become better…

  10. So grateful to be able to create, inspire, and continue to follow my dream
    & passion every day… Thank you all for supporting my creative

    Follow Your Heart Steve – Jobs| Alan Watts

    Steve Jobs | Alan Watts – Follow Your Heart

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