Fixed and Variable Mortgage Rates – Mortgage Math #4 with

25 – Fixed and variable mortgage rates affect more than your mortgage payment. RedPath Financial Mortgage Broker Ian MacKay explains the d…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 When you walk into a bank and you ask them to give you something. They’re giving you there products. Each bank has a different product. An…
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. Hello There,

    Me and my wife are planning to buy a new house. And i have couple of
    questions about mortgage. How may i put them to you? Email or? I hope you
    are the best person who can give honest suggestions.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. She has a good point about buying your new home. What she means is do your
    home work first, ask! I hate bank lenders says you have a fair credit and
    your rate is this much. In order for you to make this affordable payments
    you must put down 3% or more depending on your credit history.

  3. Shawn Watchorn on

    Today i was talking to a colleague about mortgages. They said a fixed open
    mortgage would have prepayment charges if switched out. I thought open
    mortgages didn’t have prepayment charges. Is this true?

  4. MortgagesInVancouver on

    @Purifiedinfire Fixed closed mortgages have penalties to get out of them.
    Open fixed mortgage do not but will probably have a $75 admin fee or
    something like that. You pay a higher rate for open mortgages which is why
    there are no penalties. Thanks for watching!

  5. MortgagesInVancouver on

    @bobby321456able Thanks for watching! Unfortunately I am only able to be
    licensed in Canada. In fact, I think that each state in the US has it’s own
    licensing requirements fo you may have to specifically find a Mortgage
    Broker who works in NJ. Sorry I can’t help. Good luck in your Purchase!

  6. InstTaxSolutionsLLC on

    Getting the best interest rate is always in the borrowers’ best interest.
    This is especially true when shopping for a mortgage as these are typically
    repaid over a long time.

  7. Shawn Watchorn on

    @Purifiedinfire The part I forgot to mention is this co-worker is a branch
    manager. Must have been a long day for her, when I went to work she told me
    there were no fees.

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